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What if I test positive? What if I'm exposed? What is our vaccination policy? What is the mask policy?

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In line with our dedication to providing all individuals with opportunities to learn, grow and thrive, the Summit Area YMCA is committed to ensuring that our staff have access to the resources they need to stay updated and connected with the Y movement. 
All Summit Area YMCA employees are eligible for this free benefit. Employees are automatically enrolled in our EAP And WorkLife Services benefit. Spouses, domestic partners, dependent children (including students away at school), and any household members of the enrolled employee may use your EAP.

CALL: 800-980-6921

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When we say that the Summit Area YMCA welcomes everyone, we mean it. As the first Diversity, Inclusion & Global Innovation Network of New Jersey, we strive to continuously welcome and engage all people from all diverse groups of the community through welcoming, inclusive practices on a daily basis. We believe in the strength of community and supporting our neighbors for a better tomorrow, for a better us. We are an equal opportunity employer and welcome individuals from all walks of life to join our Y family to work together to bring about meaningful, positive change in our communities.

Learn more Free Online DIG Training Racial Equity Glossary

Learn: Take Harvard’s Implicit Association Test to assess where you are at in your anti-racist journey and begin taking courses around diversity, inclusion, and equity. This can include personal learning (books, movies, podcasts, etc.) or formal training spaces provided by the Y or external partners. We suggest the following formal trainings to start. Please speak with your supervisor to learn more about registering for these trainings.

Orientation to Diversity, Inclusion, and Global (DIG)
Dimensions of Diversity
Cultural Lenses
Advancing Equity: Understanding My Biases

Invest: Personally, invest in local communities of color including people of color run non-profits, business, and grassroots organizations.

Act: Continue your learning journey past the current situation, don’t let this be a one-time instance. Join a local anti-racist community or grassroots organization (such as Be the Bridge) to continue your learning, respond to instances of injustice in your local community, and stay involved in local politics.

Sustain: Don’t stop the conversation after media stops covering instances of racism – talk to your friends and family about race, even if they are uncomfortable. Encourage open mindedness, transparency and practice Listen First skills in these important discussions.

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If you know someone who you think would be a good addition to the Summit Area YMCA and they meet the qualifications for an existing open position, your referral may be worth up to $300 upon their employment.
Program Policies:
• All Summit Area YMCA staff are eligible to receive a referral bonus except managers with hiring authority over the referred candidates and all exempt staff.
• Employee referrals must represent the candidate’s first contact with The SAY. Past employees or formerly referred candidates are not eligible.
• All referrals must be submitted to Human Resources before or at time of hire using the Employee Referral Form.
• Submitted Employment Applications must also include the referring employee’s name.
• Multiple referrals of the same candidate will be awarded to the first employee who completed the Employee Referral Form.
• The employee who submitted the referral is eligible to receive the bonus provided the candidate is still employed after 90 days of active employment.
• The referral bonus is NOT applicable for subs or other temporary positions and is subject to all applicable payroll taxes.
• Limit of 3 bonus payouts per calendar year per referring employee.
• All policies are subject to change. Employees will receive notification if any policies change prior to the end of the program.



There are a few volunteer committees and groups at the Summit Area YMCA (SAY) led by dedicated, passionate staff in program innovation, event planning, Staff Recognition and more. Lending your expertise and time to a volunteer committee or volunteering at the Y not only enriches your life in a meaningful way, but connects you with other facets of the Summit Area YMCA and other SAY staff family members. Check out our volunteer page below, or discuss with your supervisor for more information on how to get involved outside of your normal job duties.