Branch Capacity Dashboard

The numbers show the percentage of members checked in to the Fitness Center. We have incorporated the reduced capacity requirements into this calculation. As the number moves towards 100% it means there are more members in the facility relative to the new total capacity. Only when the capacity dashboard is at 100% will you have to wait until someone leaves to enter the facility.

For visits to the Berkeley Heights YMCA, please enter through the main front entrance.

For visits to the Summit YMCA, please enter through the back door (accessible via the parking lot near Cedar Street).


General visits to workout in the fitness center do not require a reservation, however members are required to check-in and check out of the building to maintain an accurate capacity count. We encourage members to please check this page before each anticipated visit to our Ys to minimize any potential wait time. For convenience, you can easily access this page via the SAY Mobile App.

For detailed information about updated program specific participation policies, reservations, check-in procedures, safety measures, cleaning protocols and more please review our Welcome Guide.