We Have More Work to Do | A Letter to Our Community

May 22, 2022

To our Summit Area YMCA community and friends,

The Summit Area YMCA delivers its programs to the community by adhering to the three pillars that define who we are. Youth Development, Healthy Living and Social Responsibility keep us focused on ensuring that we are meeting the needs of all in the communities we serve.

Youth Development defines all that we do in preparing our youngest for the future ahead. Childcare, basketball, camp, aquatics, esports, teen programs and so much more are wonderful programs for what we teach our children, but we also take aim to ensure that they understand the core values of respect, responsibility, caring and honesty. Healthy Living is for all ages but whether soccer, group exercise, weightlifting, aquacise or so much more, we are aiming to remind you that our Y triangle represents mind, body, and spirit. These are always linked, and we believe that a sound body leads to a strong mind and healthy soul.

Social Responsibility is about building a community that we all want to live, work, and play in. There are always opportunities to better our community and our pledge is to be an organization that serves all, regardless of any imaginable barrier. Our core values that we teach our youth must first be ingrained and practices by our staff, volunteers, and community. This means respecting all. Caring for all. Being honest in the face of adversity. And of course, being responsible for our actions. Our world and our communities are not perfect. However, we will continue to play a role in helping our community understand that racism, bigotry, and discrimination in any form is not tolerated.

Recent events, such as the horrible tragedy at a Buffalo supermarket this month, remind us that we have more work to do. While we mourn for the senseless loss of life that happened then and continues throughout our country far too often, we do not forget nor give up. As a community organization, we will continue to listen, learn, speak with purpose, lead with integrity and keep that vision of a harmonious society in our focus.

During our 137-year history as the Summit Area YMCA, we have evolved in our programs, services, and strategies. Our mission, core values and three pillars have remained foundational, and we will continue to work with all and every community member, partner, and organization in growing love and eliminating hate.

In solidarity,

Paul Kieltyka
President & CEO


In our dedication to advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion for all, we have compiled a variety of free educational resources, recommended readings, videos, and trainings on racial equity, how to stand up against racism, how to stop racist comments in person and online, tolerance trainings and more. Join us in becoming a part of the solution that helps dismantle systemic racism by exploring these resources today at www.thesay.org/anti-racism.




Mental health is an important part of your overall health and wellbeing. It affects how we think, feel, and act. It may also affect how we handle stress, connect with others, and make choices during an emergency. Whether you are at home or at the Y, we are here to support healthy living in mind, body and spirit.



If you would like to get involved with the Summit Area YMCA by becoming a community partner or program volunteer, bring our attention to under-served needs or causes to support, add to our educational resources or connect us with other organizations working towards similar efforts, please contact us.



Every day we work side by side with our neighbors and community partners to strengthen community and provide opportunities for every individual to discover and reach their full potential, with dignity. View more about our dedication to Diversity and Inclusion, programs and initiatives to advance equity.





In 1886, we were founded as the Young Men's Christian Association, but today, we are The Y. An association that values, and is made stronger by, its diverse people. We stand for youth development, healthy living and social responsibility — For a better us. We are committed to creating equal opportunity for all regardless of gender, age, disability, income, ethnicity, sexual orientation or religious affiliation. We strive to create a welcoming and inclusive culture in which our four core values — responsibility, honesty, caring and respect — are integral to everyday operations.

Each year, as one of the area’s leading 501(c)3 charitable organizations, the Summit Area YMCA serves more than 15,000 individuals with our free and fee-based programs and services in an area spanning the New Jersey communities of Berkeley Heights, Gillette, Millburn, New Providence, Short Hills, Springfield, Stirling and Summit. Our history is rooted in working side-by-side with our neighbors to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to learn, grow and thrive. Through the generosity of our members, donors, and partners, we are able to offer financial assistance for our programs and services to those in need.