The Learning Circle YMCA Celebrates 65 Years



Joyce Klimanski, Executive Director of The Learning Circle YMCA, commented recently on the celebration... "It's amazing to think that back in the early 50s, a group of civic minded individuals thought it a good idea to help parents in the community who had to work, leaving their children to come home from school as 'latch-key kids'. From that idea, look at us now. So many wonderful volunteers and staff members, acting as stewards for TLC during varying periods of time, all in turn helping so many others. In a world obsessed with delivering bad news, we're thankful to have a bright light right in front of our eyes."

The Learning Circle YMCA, located at 95 Morris Avenue in Summit, NJ, is a branch of the Summit Area YMCA, whose rich history of serving the community began well over 130 years ago. The Learning Circle YMCA is a 25,000 square foot facility with 17 rooms and 5 outdoor playgrounds where children play, learn and thrive daily. We offer quality childcare and early education for children as young as six weeks and school age care for children up to twelve years of age. All programs accommodate full day, complete or partial week schedules and extended hours.

To celebrate the occasion, TLC YMCA staff and children unveiled a "Born in the 50s" theme! Staff and children alike donned 50s style clothing and decorated the halls of the childcare facility with 50s artwork. The tunes of the times playing as staff, parents and children danced their way down the halls, enjoying cake and reading delightful Happy Birthday cards from children and families of The Learning Circle YMCA. 


The Learning Circle YMCA is a cornerstone of the community that has a passion for helping children to learn, grow and thrive.

"We are extremely proud of the staff at The Learning Circle YMCA, they are what truly make the childcare and early education program there special." said Paul Kieltyka, President & CEO of the Summit Area YMCA. "Their level of care, professionalism and dedication is unmatched. An example of this is that crazy winter storm last year where everyone was stuck in traffic that for some, took nearly 5 hours to get home. Our Y staff throughout TLC stayed late to make sure all the children were fed and taken care of as parents tried to come get them in that storm. They are amazing in every way, and we hope that we can serve the community and our families for many happy years to come."

In addition to unparalleled dedication for our community, the Summit Area YMCA provides financial assistance for individuals and families with demonstrated need to participate in membership, childcare, summer camp and more. 

"I want to thank the Summit Area YMCA for helping us affordable quality childcare. The Learning Circle YMCA’s daycare program is beyond my expectations—there are so many activities for the children to do and learn throughout the year." said TLC parent, Julia. "Not only has my son, Declan, grown educationally and socially, but the staff and the program have given me the greatest gift of all—peace of mind. Thank you so much."



“My daughter recently ‘graduated’ from The Learning Circle YMCA’s Preschool program to its Pre-K program, and yet she wants to visit her old teachers every day. That says a lot about the impact that the TLC YMCA teachers make on the children. Their warmth and engagement and the themed learning objectives that structure each week make a tremendous program. Great effort is made to expose the kids to a range of learning activities." said Andrea, another TLC YMCA parent. "My daughter’s favorites included the weekly swim and gym sessions, daily playground time, and cooking ‘projects’ in class. Special outside programs, like music for kids and science experimenters are also brought in. As much as we will miss the Preschool program and its teachers, our daughter wasmore than well prepared to advance to Pre-K!”

Our nurturing teachers, creative curriculum, engaging classrooms, outdoor playgrounds, enrichment & field trips, weekly swim & gym program, full time on-site nurse, restaurant style kitchen, year round events, strong partnership between parents and staff, and financial assistance support are just a few things that display our dedication to developing the potential of every child so that they are healthy, confident, secure, and connected.

To learn more about programs at The Learning Circle YMCA, visit For program availability and pricing or to schedule a tour, send us a message or call us at (908)273-7040.


About the Summit Area YMCA

The Summit Area YMCA is one of the area’s leading 501(c)(3) charitable organizations. We focus on nurturing the potential of every individual, promoting healthy living and fostering a sense of social responsibility. We are a cause driven, volunteer led, nonprofit organization working to support and strengthen the foundations of community. Founded in 1886, the Summit Area YMCA has a history steeped in working side-by-side with our neighbors to ensure that everyone, regardless of age, income and background, has the opportunity to learn, grow and thrive. Each year, we serve more than 10,000 individuals with our free and fee-based programs and services in an area spanning the communities of Berkeley Heights, Gillette, Millburn, New Providence, Short Hills, Springfield, Stirling and Summit. Through the generosity of our members, donors, and partners, we are able to offer financial assistance for our programs and services to those with demonstrated need.