At the Summit YMCA, our Wellness Team is here to help you on your wellness journey to go beyond the scale. A common misconception amongst those seeking to becoming healthier is that "weight loss" is the key. However, the body is more than just numbers on the scale. The human body is comprised of water, muscle, fat and other compounds that add up to create "weight," and a diet or workout routine can influence the balance of those compounds either positively or negatively. Whether you are seeking to build muscle, lose weight or becoming more healthy in general, we strive to provide staff, programs, resources and equipment that can best help you to achieve your goals.

With the InBody 570, users are able to get a comprehensive body composition analysis that provides data about your body in under 1 minute. 45 seconds, to be exact! By simply standing on the machine and holding the hand electrodes, the InBody machine is able to measure fat, muscle and water levels, and by inputting your phone number, all your data is saved in "Lookin'Body Web", InBody's cloud database management system where you can easily view and manage your progress anytime, anywhere.


How to Take the InBody Assessment   Understanding Your InBody Printout



benefits of using inbody

  • Easy to use, get data about your body in 45 seconds
  • Keep track of your progress and easily access your data in the InBody Cloud "Lookin'Body Web"
  • Provides accurate and detailed analysis about your body composition (BMI, Weight, Body Fat Percentage, Lean Body Mass, even the weight of each body part), which will help you customize your lifestyle and routines to reach a healthier you
  • Provides motivation and areas to focus on to improve overall health



In essence, Lean Body Mass is the amount of protein reserves you have in your body that helps fight against illness. When you're hurt or sick, the body's nutritional demands change and requires protein to help towards recovery. 

For example: The immune system of cancer survivors have a high demand for protein, which is where muscle breakdown happens. Therefore in general, overall body protein and muscle mass will often decrease because of cancer or cancer therapy.

Without enough Lean Body Mass, your body has a harder time overcoming or recovering from illness, a measurement that the InBody machine can provide when you step onto it for your body composition analysis! One of the easiest ways to change the amount of Lean Body Mass is to increase muscle mass--so if your LBM is low, our Wellness Staff might suggest adding strength training into your workout regimen. Becoming stronger = increased/toning muscle mass = a healthier you. Just ask and we'll be happy to help guide you through your InBody Assessment!

*The recommended amount of times to best track your progress via the InBody machine is once per month, as fluctuations in the body can vary easily within a day to day and week to week basis.

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