Believe it or not, Pickleball has more to do with tennis than it does with pickles!

Pickleball is a paddle sport created over 50 years ago by three dads trying to keep their kids occupied during the dog days of summer. Today Pickleball is played by more than 2.5 million people in the United States according to the Sports and Fitness Industry Association, said to be the fastest growing sport in America.

Pickleball, was created for all skill levels, combining the elements of tennis, ping pong and badminton. The rules are simple, the game is easy to learn, it's tons of fun and a decent workout.

Weekly pickleball classes are offered for all levels from beginner through advanced levels. Members have the option of signing up for an eight-week session or dropping in for a one-day class. Equipment is provided. Previous racquet experience is helpful! We also hold Pickleball clinics throughout the year for experienced players to hone their skills and master their technique. Please contact us for upcoming clinics.

Our weekly sessions include:

- Beginner
- Intermediate
- Advanced
- Open Play
- Pick Up Games (Group of four is required to play)



While Pickleball can be a competitive workout, it’s easy to learn and play! Pickleball is played on a court smaller than a tennis court with a net, a paddle and a ball similar to that of a wiffle ball. You can play inside or outside or even create your own makeshift court. You can play singles or doubles and the scoring and rules are easy to follow. To learn the rules of Pickleball and more about the sport, visit: www.usapa.org.

Courtesy of https://sundialresort.com/blog/10-facts-didnt-know-pickleball/ 

1. Pickleball was invented more than 50 years ago in the summer of 1965 by three dads from Washington State to keep their bored kids busy.

2. It has nothing to do with pickles! It got its name from one of its founder’s dogs – a cocker spaniel named Pickles who chased the ball while its owner played the game.

3. It’s a sport that everybody can play -- for all levels, ages and abilities. In fact, there’s even rules for wheelchair adaptability.

4. To be “pickled” means you scored no points in the whole game. For example, if you lose 11-0, you’ve been pickled!

5. The "kitchen" is not a place for eating pickles! It’s a slang term for the non-volley zone.

If you’re an avid Pickleball player or recently hooked on this fun paddle sport, come on over to the Summit YMCA & Berkeley Heights YMCA to enjoy a competitive game in a social atmosphere while learning new strategies to better your play. Never played Pickleball before? You may be surprised by how quickly you catch on! It’s a great sport for all ages and abilities that provides not only healthy exercise and activity, but also allows for positive social interaction.

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