The new Seals Swim School is an upgraded version of our current swim lesson program! Sign up once for year-long lessons on the same date and time every week. Beginning in March, all of our Swim Lessons will now be on a convenient low monthly payment plan. Your child will now have more consistency with our instructors over a longer period of time creating stronger swimmers and creating more convenience for you. Session runs from March - June with only one sign up. Year-long session runs September - June. 2-month minimum commitment. Easy, automatic monthly draft.

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Will my child’s program quality change?

The program will continue to provide the outstanding quality as in the past. In addition, program staff will have a longer period of time to spend teaching your child and can therefore provide even better instructional consistency improving their swim skills until they succeed.

What happens if I don’t want to do a full year?

No problem! You can attend for the length of time that works for you. When you choose the monthly draft option, we require at least two months of participation, and after that, you’re free to withdraw from the program any time. (Just let us know 30 days in advance to stop your payment!)

Does my child have to have an active membership to participate in this program?

An active membership is not required, but our pricing structure is different for non-members. We encourage your child have an active membership as there are so many great benefits by becoming a member. Plus, the price savings will pay for the membership.

How do I cancel my monthly payments?

Click here to complete a Withdrawal Request Form or ask for one at the Welcome Center. Submit the form 30 days before your next payment, and we’ll withdraw you or your child from the program and cancel future charges.

Can I switch programs mid-year?

Sure! Click here to complete a Program Transfer Form or ask for one at the Welcome Center. If a scheduling conflict arises and you need to switch your day and time, a Change of Program Form is required to be filled out and approved by the Aquatics Director, dependant on spot availability.

Are there refunds if I miss a class?

Only under certain circumstances. Remember, we’re planning for and staffing for you or your child to be present regardless of whether or not you attend. Refund requests may be granted in the case of extenuating circumstances provided they are submitted with proper documentation (e.g. medical note).


How will my child’s skills progress without changing levels?

Your child will progress and build new skills each week based on their individual performance. Our instructors will continually challenge and support his/her progress throughout the year, continuing the repetition of certain skills until they succeed. Feel free to ask the Deck Supervisor for skills that you can practice with your child during family swim. 

Do I have my choice of automatic payment dates?

For simplicity and to ensure that we’re providing the best possible customer service, all monthly payments are set to charge on the 5th of the month. Please review our Billing Terms & Conditions for additional details.

What if I want to change credit cards mid-year?

Easy! You can edit your payment details any time by editing the payment details on your account online, stopping by the Welcome Center or calling us at (908)273-3330

My child is on the swim lesson wait list. What now?

We will make every effort to place your child in a class, but we do pride ourselves on safety and therefore simply adding another participant to a lesson time may not be within our instructor to child class ratio window. Please be patient and we will contact you as soon as a spot becomes available.

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