Infant Program


6 weeks to 18 months

In our Infant Care rooms, which are set up to build trust, encourage physical development and instill confidence, children are guided through their developmental milestones in a safe, nurturing environment. Each infant is assigned a Primary Caregiver who partners with parents to provide consistent care and is committed to the child thriving in every aspect of their development. Primary Caregivers play a key role in the child’s transition to our Waddler program.

We are especially proud of our nurturing teachers who create awareness of and foster interest and enjoyment of new, stimulating objects, people, age-appropriate outdoor play spaces, and experiences, including music enrichment. We also schedule small group activities each day so infants are engaged in one-on-one activities that help us continually assess the children’s emerging skills.

Please note, due to the New Jersey Department of Children and Families Office of Licensing and Department of Health's Covid-related mandates The Learning Circle YMCA's hours of operation, fees and program offerings may be subject to change. Rest assured, keeping your child safe remains our #1 priority. For the most up to date information regarding our participation and safety policies, contact us directly to speak with the Program Director.


To learn more about our programs, availability and pricing, please send us a message or call us at (908)273-7040.