The Learning Circle YMCA

The Learning Circle YMCA offers childcare and early education for children ages six weeks through six years old and school age care for children up to twelve years of age. We dedicate ourselves to developing the potential of every child so that they are healthy, confident, secure, and connected. All programs accommodate full day, full or part week schedules and extended hours. Financial assistance is also available. Schedule a tour today!


We have a very tenured, trained, full-time nurse on staff to ensure we help keep your child healthy and safe. Whether it is a scrape, tummy ache, or something more serious our nurse will take care of it and keep you informed.


On site is a full size, restaurant-style kitchen where fresh food and meals for 200+ children are prepared daily.

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A personalized tour will be arranged for you to speak in-depth with one of our highly qualified and experienced Program Directors. A thorough orientation process will help to transition your child and your family into daily life at The Learning Circle YMCA.