NEW CLASS! The Ultimate Relaxation with Yoga Nidra

Join us for the all new class, Yoga Nidra at the Berkeley Heights YMCA! Reach the ultimate mode of relaxation in Yoga Nidra—also known as yogic sleep—is a meditation and conscious relaxation practice that is intended to induce total physical, mental, and emotional relaxation. Benefits can include decreased anxiety and stress relief as well as fostering feelings of peace and calmness.


Benefits of Yoga Nidra:

1. Fully Accessible to All:

Yoga Nidra is simple and easy for all to adapt because the only thing you need to do is lie down. Whether you are a child or a senior, regardless of your age or level of meditation, anyone can engage in Yoga Nidra. 


2. Minimal Effort

Yoga Nidra is not a difficult practice--it is slow, simple, easy to do and is guided so you don't have to think about how to clear your mind or what to do next.


3. No Accessories Needed

Just find a comfy space to lay down and focus your attention inward--whether it be a mat or your bed, anything works. 


4. Reduces Stress and Anxiety

Focusing on your body and breath in Yoga Nidra can significantly affect the nervous system and help dispel anxiety. Deep breathing and muscle relaxation can calm your nervous system and promote stress relief.


5. Connect With Yourself

Yoga Nidra teaches you about not just your connection of breath to your muscles, but to your deeper psyche. Guided meditation helps you understand your breathing, visualizing and mindfulness. It opens the path to your inner mind so that you have the ability to enter that safe mindspace at your leisure. 


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