The Learning Circle YMCA Scheduled to Re-Open June 15

On Friday, May 29, 2020, state and local authorities confirmed that child care programs in New Jersey can open beginning Monday, June 15, 2020. We have been thoughtful, deliberate and diligent in preparing for this very happy moment and are looking forward to having you back in our care.

As such, The Learning Circle YMCA Child Care Center is scheduled to re-open on Monday, June 15, 2020. Please be assured keeping your child safe and secure remains our #1 priority!

Under guidance from the New Jersey Department of Children and Families (DCF) we will be incorporating new safety measure and protocols into our operations for our re-opening. In summary:

-- We will screen all staff and children for fever and other COVID19 symptoms (as requested per the DCF). Children or staff with a fever of 100.4 will not be allowed into the facility.

-- Parents and visitors will not be allowed into our facility. We will screen your child at the front door and escort them to their classroom. Cars can form a line on Morris Avenue against the curb as staff will leave that area free (or you can park in the lot). You’ll exit your car with your child and walk up to front door to complete entrance screening – please be mindful to keep social distancing guidelines while waiting.

-- Classroom size will be limited to 15 children. Please be assured we will adhere to the staff ratios mandated by DCF.

-- Children will be limited to their 'class family group' and will have limited (if any interaction) with other 'class family groups'.

-- Staff will be assigned to and remain with one 'class family group'.

-- Staff floaters will similarly be assigned with one 'class family group' as needed on a daily basis.

-- Outdoor play will be scheduled in staggered shifts with cleaning of equipment done by staff in between playground times.

-- We will limit sharing of school and art supplies.

-- Children’s clothes will be sent home daily for washing; sheets will be sent home weekly and stored overnight in a clear zip lock bag provided by the parent so it is separate from others.

-- Parents will bring children’s clothing and food (food for special care plan children only) in clear large zip lock bags – please do not send your child with backpacks, toys, water bottles, etc.; sheets in a separate clear zip lock bag.

-- We will not be taking field trips or other off-site activities. This means we will initially not have swim and gym time at the Summit YMCA. We will also not be allowing outside vendors (chick hatching, music, etc) into the facility during this time.

-- Staff are required to wear masks.

-- Children above the age of 2 will be encouraged to wear masks which the parent will provide and take home daily for washing.

-- Visitors, vendors, prospective parents, prospective employees will be required to visit the facility after operating hours.

-- We are employing enhanced cleaning procedures, including multiple sanitizing stations, frequent cleanings of often used surfaces (door knobs, desks). Frequent hand washing is already standard operating practice.

-- Parents will be required to sign an updated Summit Area YMCA waiver prior to return/admittance in our facility (distributed to participants upon enrollment confirmation).

In the event that we have a confirmed or suspected exposure to COVID-19, we will activate the following protocols:

1. Report the incident immediately to the local DOH and DCF. Health officials will provide guidance on whether the center will cease operations (if needed) and for how long.

2. The child or person will be immediately separated from their group and cared for by staff until they are able to leave the facility.

3. If a child displays symptoms a care giver will remain with the child and socially distance to 6’.

4. All rooms and equipment used by an infected person will be cleaned and disinfected according to CDC guidelines.

5. A child or staff returning to TLC YMCA after a COVID-19 diagnosis will be admitted only after the criterion for lifting transmission based precautions and home isolation have been met.

The YMCA will continue to share updates to participants as additional information is made available.

Click here to learn more about child care programs available at The Learning Circle YMCA. If you have questions, please contact us.