Summit YMCA School Age Aftercare



An enrichment childcare program for students of working parents. At the end of the school day Kindergarten through Grade 5 students are provided after care at the Summit YMCA for an afternoon of activities including homework time, structured recreation (STEM, arts & crafts, games) and snacks. After school programs are available only when school is in session. Kindergarten care is for children enrolled in Full Day Kindergarten or afternoon sessions only. On school vacation days, the Y also provides a full-day holiday care option (enrollment for holiday care is separate and at an additional cost).

Please note: Due to new safety measures and limitations, some of our offerings for the 2020-2021 school year have changed and program and schedules may be subject to change upon short notice. Rest assured, providing a safe environment for your child remains our #1 priority.

Based on current public school plans, we are providing the following programs as outlined below:

• The After Care program will be offered daily, Monday through Friday, 12:30 PM to 5:00 PM, on days public school is in session and the Summit YMCA is open.

• Your child will be bussed from local Summit Public Schools to the Summit YMCA upon school dismissal.

• In discussion with the Acting Superintendent of Schools for the Summit Public School District, Mr. Gardella, the YMCA is committed to assist your children in their mandatory remote learning process each day for 1-1/2 hours and we will continue to ensure they attend to their homework. We were informed by Mr. Gardella that all children will be given a laptop and ear plugs by the public school district for this purpose.

• Children will come with their own lunch and snack every day – it is our understanding that the Summit Public School District is providing “to go” style breakfast and lunch to students, but please speak with your public school for confirmation of this.

• Strict adherence to wearing masks on busses for students and staff. Staff are required to wear masks and it is expected that children wear masks as much as is possible; we will discuss cases individually with parents as needed. Refusal or lack of cooperation in wearing a mask may result in a student being dis-enrolled in bussing privileges.

• All of these provisions will remain in effect provided there are no further restrictions placed upon the program by our licensing agency, The Department of Children and Families (DCF) above the current restrictions on practice, capacity and group size.

• We will adhere to strict cleaning practices as guided by DCF, the CDC and the New Jersey Department of Health. Please know that we have been running the early childhood programs since June 15th, with significant practice in managing health and safety standards.



On school vacation days, the Y also provides a full-day holiday care option (enrollment for holiday care is separate and at an additional cost).

To enroll or learn more information about our programs, availability and pricing, please contact us directly using the contact form below.