Summit YMCA 2018 Challenge Series



Looking to take your wellness journey to the next level?

That's great! Because we're here to support you in becoming a healthier you!

In 2018, we're kicking things up a notch and along with the introduction of new equipment and classes, we'd like to present the Summit YMCA Challenge Series, where each month motivates and brings you something new to accomplish physically and mentally.

✚ MAY CHALLENGE - 30 Day MakeOver


Our new monthly challenge starts now! Are you up for it? High knees, march steps and flutter kicks oh my! Join in the fun and you can win a prize!

✚ APRIL CHALLENGE - Roll the Dice


Give your April workouts a spontaneous spin by rolling the dice! The dice dictates the number of reps you do per exercise, and is sure to get you excited (or anxious?) for your next roll!

✚ MARCH CHALLENGE - 10 Push-Ups a Day


Did you know that push-ups are a great full body workout that can help strengthen your core, build muscle, and sculpt your chest, arms, legs, back and more? Jump start your wellness and add a simple 10 push-ups to your day to reap the benefits!
Plus, everytime you perform the challenge in front of a designated staff member (Fitness Staff or Group Exercise Instructor), you'll get a raffle ticket for the chance to win an:


✚ FEBRUARY CHALLENGE - Know your numbers with inbody

Get your Body Composition Analysis

In a relatively short time, our new InBody machine has received a lot of attention and that's because the road to wellness starts within! As of Feb. 8, over 550+ people now "Know Their Numbers", therefore our 1st challenge is to ensure that 1,000+ more members know theirs too!

InBody accurately measures your body in hydration, fat, lean muscle mass and more in under 1 minute. You'll then receive a printout with all your baseline numbers that will better help you understand what your body is made of! After taking your InBody assessment, be sure to speak with a Wellness Staff Member to better understand your results, receive recommendations on improvements and/or inquire about Personal Training, Small Group Personal Training, or Wellness Coaching sessions.

Where: Summit YMCA Fitness Center

More About InBody

InBody Press Release

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