The Learning Circle YMCA will open on June 15. Summer Camp will open July 6. The Summit YMCA and Berkeley Heights YMCA are still closed and all memberships/programming/events are temporarily on hold until further notice. We expect to share re-opening details as soon as they are available.


    Be healthy and well. We're looking forward to welcoming you back soon!

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Wellness Navigation




With so many options and pathways to take, getting healthier can be overwhelming. That’s why we offer complimentary Wellness Navigation as a part of your membership where a personal Wellness Navigator works with you to:

• Listen to your goals

• Create a plan with you that fits YOUR lifestyle

• Track your progress and keep you on track

• Offer the motivation and support you need to reach those goals



 why wellness navigation?

• Wellness Navigation helps to set you on a course for long-term, sustainable health and well-being

• Wellness Navigators are available whenever you need help, or you can choose to get anywhere from two to six weeks of continuous 1-on-1 support

• Your Wellness Navigator is your trusted advisor for as long as you need

• You are working with caring, supportive individuals whose expertise and goals are to help you get to where you want to be on your health journey