Age 7




TLC | JUL & AUG | 7AM-6PM | Ages 4-7

Children experience the summer in a fun, supportive environment with experienced nurturing teachers and a full time nurse on duty. Each week the adventures will investigate a new theme in a fun, exciting way that combines activities, special on-site events and field trips. Daily activities include arts and crafts, playground time and water play, swimming at the Summit YMCA, special programs, dance, sports clinics, gardening, hiking, reading and writing, STEAM activities and games.

TLC Camps are full day, month-long camps. Price includes healthy meals (breakfast, lunch, snacks) and any field trips or enrichment programs.




Art Adventures

SU | WK: 2 & 6 | 9AM-12PM | Ages 6-10 | COST: $305 | EBP: $290

Campers will focus on a variety of art topics such as drawing, painting, sculpting and printmaking! Led by experienced art instructors, the children will learn about some of the most influential artists of the past and present to recreate some of their most famous works of art. Each day campers will create and explore their newly discovered creativity in Art Adventures!




Camp Cannundus

WR | WK: 1-9 | 9AM-4PM | Ages 5-13 | COST: $335 | EBP: $320

Making friends, learning new skills, understanding more about the natural world and good old fashion fun is what Camp Cannundus is all about. Hosted outdoors at the Watchung Reservation, each day offers many enjoyable activities to choose from including arts and crafts, nature hikes, games and swimming at the Summit YMCA. Cannundus campers participate in theme day, STEM day and field trip day every week!




Camp Discovery & ENTERPRISE

SU | WK: A&B | 9AM-4PM | Ages 7-14 | COST: $495 | EBP: $480

This travel camp blasts off and ends summer with a bang! Children enjoy whole days of field trips to state parks, the beach, museums, fun centers and other exciting locations like Jenkinsons Aquarium, the Bronx Zoo & Liberty Science Center! Camp per diem or partial week is also available.




Camp Lagoonland

BH | WK: 1-9 | 9AM-4PM | Ages 5-8 | COST: $390 | EBP: $375

Campers swim everyday at Camp Lagoonland (except on scheduled trip days), in addition to games, arts and crafts and field trips to local attractions. They also participate in weekly swimming lessons. Field trips may include state parks, sporting events, movies, mini-golf and more.





SU | WK: A-B | 9AM-4PM | Ages 5-8 | COST: $320 | EBP: $305

Does your camper prefer the great indoors? Celebrate summer at the Summit YMCA with a full day of specialty camp. Campers will build, create arts and crafts, explore S.T.E.A.M. experiments, play games as well as take local walking trips to the playground to local eateries in downtown Summit.




Code a Bot with Sphero - Bricks 4 Kidz

BH | WK: 7 | 9AM-12PM | Ages 6-10 | COST: $325 | EBP: $310

Sphero fuses physical robotic toys, digital apps, and entertainment experiences to unlock the true potential of future play. This lively robot rocks, rolls, and lights its way through mazes and over obstacles. With a built-in LED matrix, speed, and directional sensors, and the application of the Scratch programming, the Sphero robot assists campers in building a foundation for real-world robotics. Each student will bring home a Sphero robot at the end of the camp.




Eureka! The Inventor's Camp - Mad Science

BH | WK: 3 | 9AM-12PM | Ages 6-10 | COST: $315 | EBP: $300

Inspire the inventor and scientist in your at Eureka camp! Children will overcome a series of challenges using basic materials, simple machines, tips from famous inventors and – most importantly, their mind. With a little bit of ingenuity we will create catapults and forts, construct working light sticks and assemble a set of circuits with batteries and light bulbs. While Thomas Edison said “Genius is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration”, this camp is 100% FUN!




Full STEAM Ahead

SU | WK: 4&8 | 9AM-12PM | Ages 5-8 | COST: $305 | EBP: $290

Full STEAM Ahead Science Camp provides an extraordinary atmosphere for students to build unique creations, play games and have loads of fun experimenting with a wide variety of STEAM activities. Activities are designed to trigger the lively imaginations of children and build their self-confidence. We'll explore exciting topics such as skyscrapers, flight, chemical reactions and much more!




Fun on the Farm

BH | WK: 5 | 9AM-12PM | Ages 6-10 | COST: $305 | EBP: $290

Our mission is to connect campers to nature and food through farm-based education! Campers will grow, learn and play through creative, hands-on projects, visiting the farm each day to see how farms function. Campers will visit the animals, learn about planting seasons and have fun while doing it!




Gross Out Science - Mad Science

BH | WK: 9 | 9AM-12PM | Ages 6-10 | COST: $315 | EBP: $300

Miss Manners might not approve but your child definitely will! Gross Out Science is a week of learning about the many different body functions we have that most people think are gross. Burping, boogers, germs and more are all needed for our bodies to work. We'll conduct our very own weird experiments to make exploding toothpaste, slimy boogers and more.




Hip Hop and Rockin' Cheer

BH | WK: 3 | 9AM-12PM | Ages 6-10 | COST: $305 | EBP: $290

Does your child have happy feet? Encourage them to come hip hop and rock away at our cheer camp! Campers will learn fun high-energy hip hop dances, cheers, chants, and jumps plus work as a team to create routines and coordinate their very own pep rally. Family and friends are invited to watch the BIG show at the end of the week!




Jr. Engineering Level 1 - Bricks 4 Kidz

SU | WK: 1 | 9AM-12PM | Ages 6-10 | COST: $350 | EBP: $335

Students are captivated in this hands-on science camp as we explore various STEM projects, create exciting gadgets, learn the basics of electricity, build a circuit, construct an electromagnet, discover marvelous machines and how they make work and life more efficient! The knowledge and learning experience from this class not only helps students build a strong foundation in STEM, but also strengthens their critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Campers will create one to two take-home projects each day.




Junior Robotics - Mad Science

SU | WK: 6 | 9AM-12PM | Ages 6-10 | COST: $325 | EBP: $310

Enter the world of elementary robotics and encourage your child to put their imagination to the test! Junior Robotics is geared towards basic circuitry, mechanical science and robot building. Campers get a chance to design their own robots, learn about the parts inside, and build one they'll take home at the end of the week!




Junior Travelers

WR | WK: 3-6 | 9AM-4PM | Ages 7-8 | COST: $375 | EBP: $360

Travelers camp is the perfect combination of traditional camp activities, pool days and fun adventurous trips. Sign up for a week or join us for the whole summer! Every week is different and full of fun! This summer's trips may include Game Vault, Colonial Park, Liberty Science Center, movies, bowling, Fun Plex, Spruce Run, Turtle Back Zoo, a Patriots Game, Sterling Mine, Round Valley, Keansburg Amusement Park and more!




Kitchen Creations

BH | WK: 2 | 9AM-12PM | Ages 6-10 | COST: $305 | EBP: $290

Ever wonder how your favorite pizza is made? Or what goes into the cream to make it your favorite sundae? Join us in this week long adventure to some of our favorite local restaurants as we explore how these creations come to life. Not only will campers get to eat a variety of amazing food but they’ll get a complete behind-the-scenes tour and learn kitchen secrets from some of our area’s greatest chefs.




LEGO® Battle Royale - Fortnite Edition - Bricks 4 Kidz

BH | WK: 6 | 9AM-12PM | Ages 6-10 | COST: $325 | EBP: $310

Imagine skydiving from a flying bus into the world of bricks and working on a fun mission while you’re here! Campers will love building popular game characters from the Fortnite game along with llamas and motorized character models that really dance! This fun game-based camp focuses on the fun of building, navigating, and teamwork. Please note: Video games will not be played at this camp. Children will build the characters and participate in activities related to the Fortnite game.




NASA Space Academy - Mad Science

SU | WK: 4 | 9AM-12PM | Ages 6-10 | COST: $315 | EBP: $300

Mad Science and NASA® have teamed up to bring the excitement and wonder of space to our campers, for their chance to be a junior rocket scientist! We'll not only explore the science behind rocket construction but build our own. Through teamwork we;ll complete an important space mission and build a model space station. Explore the farthest reaches of our solar system and create a lunar eclipse in our planetary tour. This stellar camp is your child's ticket to the stars. Let's journey through the galaxy with Mad Science!




Ninja WarriorS

SU | WK: 5&9 | 9AM-12PM | Ages 6-10 | COST: $305 | EBP: $290

Ninja Warrior camp combines inspiration from the popular TV show American Ninja Warrior along with gym class games. Campers will face challenging obstacles and learn how to blow by them with ease! Ninja Warrior Camp is perfect for children who are looking to have fun, stay active and improve their agility and speed!




Sew Creative

BH | WK: 4 | 9AM-12PM | Ages 6-10 | COST: $305 | EBP: $290

In sewing camp, we teach children how to sew, express themselves and experiment with creativity to design and make wearable or usable items. This offers campers opportunities to experience success, build confidence and self-esteem. Through guidance from our expert sewing instructor, we'll create items such as pillows, animals, sachets, quilts and more to learn to sew anything!




Slime Time

BH | WK: 1&6 | 9AM-12PM | Ages 5-8 | COST: $305 | EBP: $290

Does your child love the ooey gooey things? Would you prefer they didn’t create them at home? Send them our way to Slime Time where we'll explore the science behind all things slimey and gooey - think slugs, chewing gum and marshmallow fluff, and experiment with a variety of ingredients to make a number of slime based creations every day in this week long exploration of sticky icky things!




Specialty Sidekick (ADD-ON)

WR | WK: 1-9 | 12PM-4PM | Ages 5-14 | COST: $195 | EBP: $180

The perfect afternoon compliment to any morning specialty camp! Sidekick campers join Camp Cannundus at the Watchung Reservation for a half day of activities outdoors. Specialty Sidekick is available as an add-on only to campers enrolled in our half day specialty camps. Transportation is included between campsites.




Sports Camp

WR | WK: 1-9 | 9AM-4PM | Ages 6-10 | COST: $335 | EBP: $320

Designed for the sports enthusiast and using the Y Super Sports Model, campers will develop fundamental athletic skills and techniques for a variety of sporting activities, while learning the value of teamwork, sportsmanship and fair play. Sports camp is held outdoors at the Watchung Reservation and each day includes drills, skill development, learning the rules, game time & open play. Sports camp partakes in field trips to local sporting events and we may occasionally have a visit from the Jr. NBA!




Superhero Academy LEGO® Camp - Bricks 4 Kidz

SU | WK: 5 | 9AM-12PM | Ages 6-10 | COST: $325 | EBP: $310

Campers will build customized 3D superhero figures and motorized models with LEGO® bricks to create a fantasy world and protect it against all the evil arch enemies. Each day, campers will also use fascinating and challenging LEGO® components to create dynamic vehicles, inventions, machines and more.




Underground Explorers - Mad Science

BH | WK: 1 | 9AM-12PM | Ages 6-10 | COST: $315 | EBP: $300

We're digging up the ancient past to solve real-life mysteries! Learn about archaeology and the techniques scientists use to excavate long lost cities. This indoor camp explores how scientists discover ancient civilizations analyzing the tools and artifacts they used in everyday life. We'll study bone fragments, pottery shards, amber deposits, and fossils to learn what they can tell us about history. Make and take-home projects each day, like a fossil reproduction and an amber time capsule!




Video Game Design 1 - Bricks 4 Kidz

BH | WK: 2 | 9AM-12PM | Ages 6-10 | COST: $325 | EBP: $310

Designed as an introduction to video game design, campers will build their coding and programming foundation using Scratch Programming. The curriculum focuses on the fundamentals of creating animations and games using data structures, algorithms and design to create unique game design project with functions that involve math and logic. Challenging problems are given in each class to enhance students understanding and encourage creativity. Students will be proud and excited to develop and play their very own video games.




The Summit Area YMCA offers over 40+ unique camp options to ensure your child has every opportunity to enjoy the best possible summer camp experience ever!  





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