Age 11



3...2...1...Blast Off! - Mad Science

BH | WK: 5 | 9AM-12PM | Ages 8-12 | COST: $350 | EBP: $335

This action-packed week will focus solely on rockets and the physics of rocket flight. After learning the model rocket safety code, campers will build a number of different rockets and participate in the launching, mission control, propulsion, and finally recovery of the rockets they build.




Brixology - Engineering with LEGO® - Mad Science

SU | WK: 2 | 9AM-12PM | Ages 8-12 | COST: $325 | EBP: $310

Brixology® Camp sets the foundation for our next generation of makers! Children learn about different types of engineering and then team up to construct a project using LEGO® bricks. They learn about aerospace engineering while assembling a space station. They explore mechanical engineering as they build boats and vehicles. That’s not all, from carnival rides to drawing machines, mechanical animals to truss bridges, your future engineer will build upon their creativity to solve real-world design challenges, while developing their problem-solving and team-building skills. Let the tinkering begin!




Camp Cannundus

WR | WK: 1-9 | 9AM-4PM | Ages 5-13 | COST: $335 | EBP: $320

Making friends, learning new skills, understanding more about the natural world and good old fashion fun is what Camp Cannundus is all about. Hosted outdoors at the Watchung Reservation, each day offers many enjoyable activities to choose from including arts and crafts, nature hikes, games and swimming at the Summit YMCA. Cannundus campers participate in theme day, STEM day and field trip day every week!




Camp Discovery & ENTERPRISE

SU | WK: A&B | 9AM-4PM | Ages 7-14 | COST: $495 | EBP: $480

This travel camp blasts off and ends summer with a bang! Children enjoy whole days of field trips to state parks, the beach, museums, fun centers and other exciting locations like Jenkinsons Aquarium, the Bronx Zoo & Liberty Science Center! Camp per diem or partial week is also available.




EV3 Advanced Robotics - Bricks 4 Kidz

SU | WK: 7 | 9AM-12PM | Ages 8-12 | COST: $325 | EBP: $310

Campers will experience the cutting edge of technology with this introduction to LEGO® MINDSTORMS EV3 Robotics. With the newest generation of motors, sensors and software, programming commands will be sent directly into the intelligent brick, then students get to test their capabilities by moving an object with a robotic claw, building a robot that draws, or a creating a mouse trap. Our endless list of builds provide a variety of opportunities for your future engineer to experience the complete fundamental components of robotics at its best!




Jr. Engineering Level 2 - Bricks 4 Kidz

SU | WK: 3 | 9AM-12PM | Ages 8-12 | COST: $350 | EBP: $335

Students are captivated in this hands-on science camp as we explore various STEM projects, create exciting gadgets, learn the basics of electricity, build a circuit, construct an electromagnet, discover marvelous machines and how they make work and life more efficient! The knowledge and learning experience from this class not only helps students build a strong foundation in STEM, but also strengthens their critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Campers will create one to two take-home projects each day.




Mission: CODE - Mad Science

SU | WK: 8 | 9AM-12PM | Ages 8-12 | COST: $325 | EBP: $310

A unique summer camp experience, Mission Code uses a hands-on approach combined with fun and games to introduce children to elementary coding. Campers will develop computational thinking concepts like algorithms, functions, relative directions and sequences and problem solving skills in an online game environment where a robot is given a set of instructions to follow in order to solve each level. Our combination of online activities paired with engaging offline activities like scavenger hunts, code-cracking mysteries, robotics challenges and more!




Specialty Sidekick (ADD-ON)

WR | WK: 1-9 | 12PM-4PM | Ages 5-14 | COST: $195 | EBP: $180

The perfect afternoon compliment to any morning specialty camp! Sidekick campers join Camp Cannundus at the Watchung Reservation for a half day of activities outdoors. Specialty Sidekick is available as an add-on only to campers enrolled in our half day specialty camps. Transportation is included between campsites.




Teen Trek

wr | WK: 1-9 | 9AM-4PM | Ages 11-14 | COST: $430 | EBP: $415

Teen Trek is one of our most popular camps, where teens enjoy daily excursions to New York, New Jersey & Pennsylvania for adventure, cultural awareness, the deconstruction of comfort zones, new friends and lots of fun! Last year's trips included Seven Presidents Beach, Six Flags, Camel Beach Water Park, High Point State Park, Round Valley, Dorney Park, Bushkill Falls, Laser One, Delaware River and Dave & Busters, to name a few.





BH | WK: 4 | 9AM-12PM | Ages 8-12 | COST: $325 | EBP: $310

In this intermediate-advanced level of Video Game Design camp, students will develop a range of coding and problem-solving skills as they think creatively, reason systematically and work collaboratively to create various video games for fun. They will broaden their understanding of variables, operators, and event-driven programming while applying existing knowledge in new ways of thinking about Scratch Programming. Each game progressively teaches more advanced capabilities within the video game design software. Students will be proud and excited to develop and play their very own video games.




Wilderness Adventures

WR | WK: 4 | 9AM-4PM | Ages 8-12 | COST: $335 | EBP: $320

Children will explore the Watchung Reservation each day to learn learn fundamental wilderness survival techniques... like how to read and use basic maps and compasses, emergency fire making, locating and purifying water in the field, reading and creating emergency signals, understanding common wilderness emergencies and take part in an introduction to wilderness first aid course.




The Summit Area YMCA offers over 40+ unique camp options to ensure your child has every opportunity to enjoy the best possible summer camp experience ever!  





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