Gym Supervisor


The Gym Supervisor is responsible for managing all aspects of the Hubbard Gymnasium, inclusive of sports equipment, sports scheduling, supervising activities, character development (gym etiquette and sportsmanship), and safety and security of the YMCA facility and members.

Primary duties of this position include:

  • Supervise set-up and break down of equipment. (raise/lower dividing curtain, set-up/take down volleyball net, raise/lower basketball goals, etc…)
  • Properly store, maintain, and secure sports equipment (before and after) gym time.
    Ensures set up, clean up and put away of facility and equipment before and after programs.
    Supervises games and activities to ensure they are played according to the gym rules as well as the YMCA standards and values.
    Keep Sports closet and equipment secure, clean, and in order.
    Attends any scheduled staff meetings or training.
    Manages any unsportsmanlike conduct by members.
    Keeps daily summaries and facility usage, using appropriate forms. Communicates with Sports Director on a weekly basis.
    Ensures that gymnasium is in order before leaving (equipment secured, baskets raised to official heights, etc…) and gym schedules and gym signs are updated and posted.
    Assists sports instructors whenever necessary to maintain credibility and consistency of sports programs.
    Assists with special events whenever necessary.
    Notifies the Sports Director of schedule problems with sufficient notice. Ensures shift coverage when schedules change.
    Keeps Sports Director informed of all first aid issues, discipline or other significant problems.
    Records and reports all incidents / accidents on the official incident report form.


  1. Qualifications
    A high school diploma or its equivalency.
    Experience and familiarity with gymnasium and equipment
    Experience working with children and/or adults is preferred.


Interested candidates should send resumes to


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  • Allison Zeimann

    • Sports Director
      • Summit YMCA
    • (908) 273-3330 ext.1196