Add Activtrax to your workout!

→ Customized exercise guidance built around your goals, experience, and preferences
→ Takes the guesswork out of working out
→ Cardio/Activity/Nutrition Tracking
→ Exercise demonstrations
→ And more!

ActivTrax is a web based program for exercise, weight management, and progress tracking that's also conveniently available through your smart phone! ActivTrax provides you with powerful adaptive technology to help you succeed. All workouts are customized using your personal profile settings and our equipment library to meet your unique goals and preferences. An ActivTrax account comes free with your membership and takes all the guesswork out of your next workout. Learn more by watching the video below!


Sign up for your free Fit Quest Express 30 minute appointment at the front desk and begin to take your workouts to the next level!

Available at the Summit YMCA, you can get started today with exercise routines built around your goals, fitness level, and preferences! You may self-schedule a demo appointment below, ask a Fitness Center staff for assistance, or visit our in-branch kiosks.