Life Skills Prep


Achievers, Leaders Club, Girl Focus are some of the many life skills prep programs we offer! Learn valuable skills in financial literacy, social communications, handling your emotional health, preparing for college, learning about modern technology, and much more.

The transitional period between teenager to adulthood is not only exciting, but stressful for many. Whether it be navigating new complicated relationships or figuring out what to do after high school, the Y is here to help. Join programs designed to give teens opportunities to discuss their concerns, find solutions, learn leadership skills, prepare for college, and more. Our programs also include seminars and workshops for adults and parents searching for answers on how to communicate with their children, learning about how to save for retirement, medical health concerns, and more. Learn the necessary skills and tips to be better prepared for your future!

Life Skills Prep


  • Chris Miree

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  • Lisa Meyers

    • Community Outreach & Seniors
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    • Executive Director
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