Barre Sculpt



Barre Sculpt classes offer the very best of yoga, ballet, and Pilates. This fun but challenging class will compliment any regular fitness routine. Precise movements given by your instructor will build new muscles and develop your strength in areas you didn’t even know existed!

Barre classes incorporate a variety of techniques from different workouts. Classes focus on improving balance and working on core exercises. Barre will not only help you build muscle tone, but will also help with weight loss and reducing stress. Barre Sculpt classes are also found to be beneficial and enjoyable as a prenatal workout as many of the movements are relaxed and soothing. Try a Barre class today! You’ll see and feel the difference!


  • Tracy Wanamaker

    • Group Exercise Coordinator
      • Summit YMCA
    • (908) 273-3330 ext. 1133
  • Lisa McQuilkin

    • Wellness Director
      • Berkeley Heights YMCA
    • (908) 464 8373 ext. 2026