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Find resources, tips, off and online activities for teens at home to stay healthy, busy and engaged.  


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get crafty

All you've got is time! Get crafty at home by upcycling things you already own, redesign and redecorate your bedroom, make something cool to wear, or make gifts for friends and family! Go on Pinterest and pick a new DIY project, find a craft you love to do and start an Etsy shop or Mercari store so you have some pocket change to go on an adventure in the future!


become the next teen chef

Create the next award winning recipe at home and experiment with ingredients in your kitchen! Invent a new pizza or make something you miss at your favorite restaurant. Or, skip the expensive coffee and tea shops and make your own specialty coffee or bubble tea at home! Learning how to cook also means you won't starve in the future! (Especially when you move out of the house!) GET RECIPES

tacky movie marathon

Like corny jokes, tacky movies can be so bad that they are actually pretty amazing. Watch these movies teen movies on Netflix and give your rating on just how awful they are. Better yet, make someone watch it with you and cringe together. Don't forget the popcorn!


spa day

Feeling anxious stuck at home? Create your own spa experience by making some homemade facial masks, soak your feet, paint your nails, eat some light foods and drink flavored water (slice up some lemon, orange and cucumbers!)



Make a Video

Do a dance, sing a song, film your pet doing something adorable, do something you love, teach someone how to do something you are great at, create a low budget short film and more! Take a look at Amber Kelley, a teen chef on YouTube!

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Start a Blog

Have so many thoughts and no where to put them? Start a free blog on WordpressWeebly or Blogger and share you thoughts and feelings on a specific topic, like movies, sports, cooking and more. Use this as a means of creative expression! Remember, be safe and don't share too much personal information.


Self Portrait Series or Pet Selfies

Start a photo portrait series of yourself like these photographers and take your selfies to the next level. Find a different version of you in every photo! Or, grab your pet and take fun selfies together! Costumes and props make it even more fun!


Plan a Dream Vacation

You might not be able to travel now, but you can start planning vacations and trips once you are able to travel! Dream of going to Europe, Asia or South America? Research online for the best things to do in each location, the best food to eat, the most unique hotels or Airbnbs to stay at and the best season to go. Plan weekend trips, 1 week trips or even longer trips!

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Keep Learning


Learn a new language with the website/app Duolingo. This language learning platform makes learning languages easy and intuitive, like playing a game. Imagine how much easier it will be for you to travel and understand other languages, (or surprise others that you can understand them) not to mention look super cool. And, Kelly Clarkson is using it to learn Spanish too!

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khan academy

Khan Academy is great resource for at home learning and engagement. Yes, you can find help in geometry and physics but if you are looking for something a little more fun? Check out Khan Academy's Imagineering in a Box where you can learn how Disney Imagineers make the incredible rides and worlds at Disney!

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get inspired with tedex

Feeling the need to be inspired or maybe you just want to explore the world beyond the walls of your home. Check out TedEx where you can learn about almost any career out there, if you are feeling adventurous you can even try and reach out to a speaker directly!



The New York Public Library is offering free resources for students around the country, with or without a library card. They provide free college counseling through MyCoalition and allow you to tour college campuses around the US with Virtual College Tours.


Stay Healthy 


Being at home doesn't mean morphing into a couch potato. Don't forget to exercise so you can look and feel your best!



Feeling stressed out from being cooped up at home? Try some Yoga and Meditation to calm your thoughts. Plus, it's super relaxing!



Find out how to protect your mental health during the COVID19 with these resources and tips.

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Part of being healthy is making sure what you put in your body is healthy and nutritious. Got cravings? Try some healthy snacks that will give you energy and satisfy the munchies.

Snack Healthy