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Stay active, connected and inspired with low-impact exercises, activities to do at home, healthy living articles, further educational learning and more.


Brain exercises, Games and puzzles

Keep your mind sharp with lots of different brain games! This article provides ideas for different brain games you can try to ensure that you can improve your memory, coordination, motor skills, concentration, reaction times, independence and confidence!


Games for Kids & Adults

Coloring Books for Adults

Coloring books are no longer for just kids! Studies show that coloring can provide similar mind calming effects as meditation, helping with lowering anxiety and stress levels. It's a great thing to pass the time and create some art at home!READ MORE

Video Chat with Friends and Family

Staying at home doesn't mean staying alone! Learn to video chat and Facetime with your loved ones via iPhone or iPad! 


Top 12 Podcasts for Boomers

Tired of listening to the same old news on the radio? Try listening to podcasts where there are a variety of interesting topics from music, to comedy, to history, crime and more to hear about!

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Free Audio and Braille Books

For individuals who may have vision impairments or physical disabilities, the National Library Service sends free audiobooks and braille books straight to your home and are available for instant download. They have best sellers, biographies, fictional works, how-to books, magazines, and music scores!

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Y360 On Demand

Y360 is a virtual exercise series provided by the YMCA with a variety of workouts suitable for all fitness levels! Try Yoga, Barre, Resistance, Weights and more! You can also view the workouts on YouTube and link it to your TV at home to follow along!

Y360 On YouTube  Y360 On Demand

Sleeping Tips

One of the most important elements of good health is ensuring that you get enough sleep. As we age, many adults experience insomnia or interrupted sleep going to the restroom. Learn tips on how to get a better night's sleep and become healthier today!


Walk to Better Health

Walking is a great, low-impact exercise that improves cardiac health, mood, creates less stress on joints and reduces pain, helps prevent weight gain, reduces risk for cancer and chronic disease, improves stamina and circulation and much more. Take a walk outside, enjoy the weather, take in the sights and reap all the benefits.

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Exercise for Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain can be caused by a variety of reasons, but can be reduced if you strengthen your core and back muscles. If you have lower back pain, try these exercises to help reduce pain and help prevent future pain.

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A Guide to Self Therapy

Self therapy is important for all ages, and focuses on healing the whole person in mind and body by providing strategies on dealing with mood, anxiety, stress, or even relationship issues.

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Learning and discovery


Learn a new language with the website/app Duolingo. This language learning platform makes learning languages easy and intuitive, like playing a game. Not only will this keep your mind engaged, but you'll be learning new skills to communicate and learn from others if you plan on traveling in the future! 34 hours of language learning on Duolingo is the equivalent to a semester at university!

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Free university Courses

Have you always wanted to get a degree or certification in something you've been interested in, or want to learn something new on the university level? Now you can through Coursera. Build skills, get certifications and online degrees from world class universities and companies!


virtual tours

Discover the world from the comfort of home. From national parks to museums to landmarks around the world, learn about other places, cultures and more via virtual tours!

Discover the World Road Trip from Home


Learning to cook helps you become more self-sufficient, saves money, keeps you more healthy and drives more creativity!

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more resources

meals on wheels

Meals on Wheels is a nonprofit organization whose friendly volunteers will deliver nutritious meals to your home and check in with your health and safety.

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get medication delivered to your door

These pharmacies are offering free delivery to your home for your prescription medication.

CVS Pharmacy

Walgreens Pharmacy

Walmart Pharmacy 

Benefits Checkup

Find benefits that you may be eligible for to help pay for food, medicine, and utilities.

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Maximize Your Medicare

See how to maximize your Medicare benefits and choose the plan that’s right for you.

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