Our Supporters

Our donors are the lifeblood of our organization, providing the resources we need to fulfill our mission. Together, we ensure everyone in our area, regardless of their age, income or background, can reach their full potential.

Below are our donor recognition societies, which are dedicated to those who go to extra lengths to invest in our mission each year.

► 1886 SOCIETY


Since the Summit Area YMCA’s founding in 1886, leadership donors have been a vital part of our organization. These donors give $1,000 or more to the SAY each year, and they empower us to meet the diverse needs of our community.


1886 Society Honor Roll 




Inspired by our three pillars of support—youth development, healthy living, and social responsibility—this society celebrates those who consistently donate for three or more consecutive years. This group provides a steady flow of funds our community can count on receiving each year.


Three Pillars Society Honor Roll 




The Hourly Club honors staff who generously donate the equivalent of one hour per pay period back to the SAY. The Hourly Club allows all employees, from the CEO to part-time staff, to donate an equal percentage of their paychecks.


Hour Club Honor Roll