Due to ongoing power outages, the Berkeley Heights Community Pool at the YMCA & The Learning Circle YMCA are temporarily closed. Most outdoor summer camps and fitness classes are operating as scheduled. Please note, our phone and email service has also been disrupted. Your patience with response time to inquiries is appreciated.



    Outdoor group exercise classes, outdoor fitness center, outdoor pool, personal training and summer camp are now open at the Berkeley Heights YMCA & Summit YMCA! 



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Social Responsibility


The Y is more than just a swim and gym, we're an organization with a mission to give back to the community and its members. As one of the area's leading charitable organizations, the Summit Area YMCA and generous donors give back over $760,000 in direct financial aid each year. In addition, nearly $3 million dollars in subsidized programs, also contributes to help ensure all are welcome to enjoy the Y, its facilities, services and programs. Fully funded programs include LIVESTRONG at the YMCA, a free 12-week cancer recovery program, Learn to Swim for Free program, free water safety and swim lessons for local 2nd graders, 7th Grade Initiative, a program for local 7th graders that includes a free 1-year membership, fitness center demo, and teen events. 

"Being a marathon runner, cancer really set me back. As a result of being a part of the [program], I was able to regain my strength and endurance, and I was able to run the Summit Area YMCA's Annual Mother's Day 5K. I even got my wife and 9 year old son to join me as a way to give back and support the LIVESTRONG Program that helped me get back to myself."

Summit Area YMCA member


"After surgery and chemotherapy for ovarian cancer, I was left bald, tired and scared. LIVESTRONGT at the YMCA helped me overcome my aversion to exercise and get back to being myself again. I loved being a part of the support group of women who like myself were impacted by cancer. The instructors were wonderful, motivating, knowledgeable and donated a lot of their time to helping us recover. I'm now enjoying Zumba and walking on the treadmill has made me feel better and I look more fit. I'm so happy to be exercising and doing something that I enjoy that makes me healthier and I'm grateful to the LIVESTRONG program."

Summit Area YMCA member


"Cancer treatment left me feeling tired and not myself. Being with other cancer survivors in the LIVESTRONP at the YMCA program, made it less daunting to return to exercise. I liked that the group provided a supportive, upbeat environment. It empowered me to become more active and gain confidence that I could get my strength back in spirit, mind and body. And, I did. I am very grateful!"

Summit Area YMCA member


"I am a testament to the success of the free 12-week cancer recovery LIVESTRONG at the YMCA program. My heart rate has gone down by almost 20%, I can now leg press 200 lbs more than on my first day, and my fitness on the "walk test" increased by 50% (from 16-24 laps). In just 3 months, I am stronger, more cheerful, more healthy."

Summit Area YMCA member


"The difference between those on financial assistance and any of us is simply that they've fallen on hard times. I love that the Y helps people out so that they are able to stay healthy and connected. This year, our Y is helping a local homeless man. Our members provide a meal for him daily and we've arranged for him to shower at our Y, as well as sleep at a local church. He recently said he was so thankful for everything, especially to be able to eat a meal that day. It is gratifying to be part of a community that cares so much."

Summit Area YMCA member


"Each day after school, Cassie loves to come to the Y where she can swim, do art and Zurnba, complete her homework and socialize with friends and kids her age. When she comes home she is more relaxed which is a plus. As a single mother, I am thankful for the Y's financial assistance program and the fact that my daughter is in a wonderful, safe and harmonious environment where she, along with her siblings, can grow and thrive"

Summit Area YMCA member


"When Matias first came to The Learning Circle YMCA it was hard for him because he only spoke Spanish. Through the teachers' caring approach, they connected with him to build his confidence, academically and socially. If it were not for the financial assistance from the Y, he would not have had an opportunity to learn and grow at such a wonderful school. With the Y's help, I am able to work to support my family and my son is in a place where he feels safe and happy"

Summit Area YMCA member


"As a single mother, I needed help caring for my daughter while I worked 6 days a week. When I turned to the Y, they gave me financial assistance for the Kindergarten Wrap Program. The staff treats us like family. It feels secure to have the Y's support. It's a place of diversity and acceptance. They teach values of caring, honesty, respect and responsibility - what parent wouldn't want that? The Y helps us to stay connected and to thrive:"

Summit Area YMCA member


"My world was shattered by the cancer diagnosis and I struggled to reclaim wellness in spirit, mind, and body. LIVESTRONG at the YMCA showed me how to live strong, live life again. I was treated with grace and led by patient, knowledgeable wellness coaches who gave me a starting point for recovery. This program changed my life for good."

Summit Area YMCA member