Due to ongoing power outages, the Berkeley Heights Community Pool at the YMCA & The Learning Circle YMCA are temporarily closed. Most outdoor summer camps and fitness classes are operating as scheduled. Please note, our phone and email service has also been disrupted. Your patience with response time to inquiries is appreciated.



    Outdoor group exercise classes, outdoor fitness center, outdoor pool, personal training and summer camp are now open at the Berkeley Heights YMCA & Summit YMCA! 



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Healthy Living


At the Summit Area YMCA, we strive to provide the resources and support our community needs to make healthy lifestyle choices. Healthy living doesn't just stop at physical fitness, but extends to nutrition education, mental and emotional health, keeping socially connected, and so much more. That's why at the Y, we offer programs and services to help community members become and stay happy, healthy, and active.


"When I was younger, I was very heavy. I was almost 300 pounds, a size 56 inch waistline, and I wasn’t into the whole fitness style of living. When I started working at The Learning Circle YMCA, I had a really good friend who said, ‘Hey let’s get fit! Let’s lose weight!’ and she would bring me to the Y and we would take their fitness classes like Body Pump, Zumba, Indoor Cycling, we took everything. The instructors kept me focused and motivated me—it gave me that energy to keep pushing myself to do better. Having lost so much weight and being stronger and healthier than ever, experiencing all that personally has made me want to give back and become a Zumba fitness instructor. Now, I’m able to give back what the Y has given to me. Thank you, YMCA!"

Summit Area YMCA member


"I am a testament to the success of the free 12-week cancer recovery LIVESTRONG at the YMCA program. My heart rate has gone down by almost 20%, I can now leg press 200 lbs more than on my first day, and my fitness on the "walk test" increased by 50% (from 16-24 laps). In just 3 months, I am stronger, more cheerful, more healthy."

Summit Area YMCA member


"I chose the Y because everyone partnered with me on my journey. I had a place to bring my young children while I worked out. The instructors reassured me of my progress, and helped me keep perspective on losing the weight in small increments."

Summit Area YMCA member


"To reduce my high blood pressure, my doctor told me to start exercising. I came to the Yandam so grateful they gave me financial assistance. It is unusual for a 67 year-old Colombian woman to go to the gym, but I Come twice a week to do Zumba, weights, machines and swimming. I've lost some weight and have become more energetic. And, my medical bills are lower too since I need the medication less. I am an ambassador for the Y in my community."

Summit Area YMCA member


"When my 10-year old son missed 40 days of school last year due to his asthma, his doctor prescribed cardio exercise as a way to strengthen his lungs. We went to the Y daily and what a difference it has made to our lives - A) has only missed two days of school since then, and I have not had to worry about missing a day of work to care for him. The Y's low pressure workout environment makes me feel welcome and I love that the Y's family membership is so affordable."

Nancy and AJ
Summit Area YMCA member


"The Y is a really friendly place and they always make me feel welcome. I never feel alone or nervous because the staff is so nice and they make me feel like I’m part of a family. The fitness staff teach me how to do new workouts and help me stay in shape for football. Sometimes I also bring my friends to life weights or play basketball, which is great because we’re not at home doing nothing or watching TV—being here makes me feel productive and happy."

Summit Area YMCA member


"I have been doing body pump for over 2 months now. Body pump for me is great for multiple reasons—when I exercise I strive to push myself to the limit to benefit myself both physically and mentally and Body Pump allows me to do just that. The atmosphere is great and the instructors have a lot to do with that. Whenever you don’t want to do that extra rep the instructors are in your face pushing you to go that extra mile. It’s good that they’re there for you. I would recommend body pump to anybody who wants to improve their mental well-being and get stronger."

Summit Area YMCA member


"When I retired, I decided to get back into shape and joined Just Treading and other aqua exercise classes which would be a high energy workout that was also kind to my knees! In one year I am so much healthier -- I have more stamina and made some great friends. Best of all, I’ve lost 20 lbs. I am still continuing to exercise. Yay me!"

Summit Area YMCA member