19 YMCA Summit Swim Team Athletes Qualify for YMCA Nationals


With the largest Summit YMCA Swim team ever, a grand total of 19 national athletes qualify for over 40 individual events and 8 relays at the YMCA Nationals. There were a total of 9 seniors and 10 underclassmen who qualified.

The Summit Area YMCA Swim team is a close knit community focused on developing not only the athletic skills of each swimmer, but also on instilling values like commitment, responsibility, perseverance and more that remain with each member well throughout their lives in and out of the pool. The low Coach-to-Swimmer ratio allows coaches to customize training techniques to best suit each swimmer, and the youth swim team participates as a team in YMCA dual meets, YMCA Championships, and additional competitive meets as a registered USA Swimming Team. For many team members, the Y is so much more than a gym. "What I've really learned growing up here at the Y, is the value of sportsmanship and just being a good teammate and friend. I've always been coming since I was little. I always know that I can come here and just feel welcomed. I always feel supported--it's a great community to be in." said Margie, senior and member of the SAY Seals Swim Team. "Being a part of the SAY Swim team has shown me that I could achieve things that I never thought I could--it has given me confidence and respect for myself that I've always wanted. It helps me thrive in swimming, in school, everything in my life--I know that I can do anything as long as I put my mind to it and really have the confidence in myself to do it."


See below for our amazing qualifying swim team members!

Mark Berger – Senior – 1st time SC National athlete – 2 LC National athlete
Abby Claus – Senior – 3 time short course National athlete. Abby Claus finaled in 6 of 7 individual events, and also swam on all four relays. She swam a total of 17 swims over the weekend – a truly formidable swimmer!
Jackie Crater – Senior – 3 time short course National Athlete – Y record holder 100 and 200 back
Colby Dixon – Senior – 3 time short course national athlete
Blair Boyle – Senior – 1st time qualifier – After just missing the cut in the 100 Free during prelims, Blair was placed on the 400 free relay leading off. After 3 extra timers were used for her initial split to count, Blair successfully made the 100 free cut!
Margie Keenan – Senior - 3 time SC National qualifier
Olivia Lamb – Senior – 1st time qualifier
Chloe Markey – Junior – 2 time SC National qualifier
Emily McGovern - Senior – 1st time SC National athlete. Emily qualified for 2017 Nationals at Sun Kissed last year.
Jack O’Halloran – Senior 1st time SC National athlete

Jordan Goldberg – Juniors – New comer and 1st time qualifier
Meg Healey – Junior – 2 time short course National athlete. Meg broke her hand in practice but is now rehabbing in and out of the water until Nationals.
Kaitlyn Hersch – Junior – 2 time SC National athlete
Dylan Ingerman – Junior – 2 time SC National athlete. Dylan broke his wrist and then had tendonitis in his shoulder. He has been rehabbing both in and out of the water the entire year, but now he is the highest finishers at Y States in second place 100 fly!
Sophie Thomsen – Junior – 2 year SC national athlete. Sophie Thomsen has been rehabbing her hand that she broke in practice. She has been both in and out of the pool for the last 3 months
Nicole Tingley – Junior – 3 time National athlete – made Nationals as a freshman. Nicole broke the 200 fly record at States. Finaled in 5 out of 6 events at States, and swam in all 4 relays for a total of 15 swims.

Kate Fuhrmann – Sophomore – 2nd time qualifier – Qualified in 8th grade when she 13 years old! Kate blew out her shoulder at Sun Kissed the day before she was headed to Nationals. Two surgeries and two years later, she rehabbed all year and swam her way into qualifying again this year!
Aidan Hughes – Sophomore New comer 1st time qualifier

Autumn Keats-O’Connor FRESHMAN! – 1st time SC national qualifier

The impressive Summit SEALS Swim team has overcome many obstacles and has brought a triumphant win home with their hard work, dedication, and team spirit. The Summit Area YMCA instills values of team work, responsibility, and more in every swim lesson, swim meet, and more, to help build character and potential in young swimmers every day. The welcoming, family friendly environment of the Y is an accessible space that provides opportunities for growth and development in not only swimming, but for all ages and areas of interest from infancy to adulthood. The Y offers safe and secure child care, engaging early education and youth programs, fun events and groups for teens, expansive wellness programs for all fitness levels, community volunteer initiatives and much more.

To join the Summit Area YMCA Swim Team, visit: thesay.org/swimteam

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