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The Summit Area YMCA strives to assist and serve those in need in our community. Many are unaware of a hidden public health issue in our country. More than 2 in 5 people experience period poverty, and 1 in 3 households require diapers. This often results in difficult financial decisions and compromises for low-income families with children. That is why we are excited to share our latest achievements with you!

We proudly announce our membership in the Community Food Bank of NJ's Diaper and Period Program! Through the combined efforts of our community and CFBNJ, diapers and period products will now be available at our food distributions!

CFBNJ is a founding allied program of the National Diaper Bank Network's Alliance for Period Supplies. Through their initiatives, they provide supplies to people with low-income, unhoused, and sheltered people across their service area.

Our Summit Area YMCA takes this issue seriously because lack of access to hygiene supplies often causes stress, shame, and lost work time. One in four teenagers has missed classes because of the lack of period supplies, which impacts their education too. Additionally, we want to ensure that those needing diapers can keep clean, dry, and healthy every month.

Are you in need or know someone who is?

If you are in need of Diapers, Period products, or food, head over to our Food Assistance Program page and sign up! 

As part of our mission, the Summit Area YMCA (SAY) partners with local organizations to supply food to families and community members to provide support and inspire action in our community. With our dedicated staff, volunteers, and local partners, the SAY donates fresh and nonperishable food at least twice a month to local community members in the Summit area who have stressed the financial need for essential food and supplies.

Food Assistance Program


how you can help


Learn more about hygiene poverty

You can visit the Community Food Bank of NJ and the National Diaper Bank Network's Alliance to learn more about their different programs and missions to help those most in need! 

Spread the word

We need help spreading the word! Share this information with your friends, colleagues, and social media. Many people are not aware of the resources available to them in their communities. We must come together as a community and ensure those in need have the resources they need daily. 

Start a conversation with some facts.

  • 57% of parents facing diaper needs have missed work or school when childcare programs require parents to provide diapers. Only making it harder to afford other necessities.
  • 73% of parents say a lack of diapers causes them to feel like inadequate parents, causing further emotional stress.
  • 33% of low-income women have had to wear a period product for longer than its recommended use, putting them at increased health risk.
  • 20% of low-income women report missing work, school, or similar events due to lack of access to period supplies, exacerbating and perpetuating this cycle of need.


Volunteer & Get Involved

Volunteering is an even greater way you can make an impact in our community! With your volunteer work, you will enhance the lives of children, teens, families, and seniors and share new ideas so they can expand their horizons, learn something new, or experience something different. 

Learn More About Volunteering


Need other types of assistance? 

Visit our Free Programs Page and find the program that best describes the help needed! 

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Summit Hunger Coalition

The Summit Hunger Coalition is comprised of a group of local nonprofits, including the Summit Area YMCA, who work together to address food insecurity in Summit.

Summit Hunger Coalition 


Questions? Contact:


Patty Facchinei

Executive Assistance / Financial Aid / Volunteer Coordinator

(908)273-3330 Ext. 1174






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