SAY Mobile App Update Coming Soon

In preparation for the first part of our upcoming SAY Mobile App update on 10/26, and to ensure a smooth transition experience for when you next use the app to check-in, make group exercise class reservations, register for programs or reset a password, please review the email address on your YMCA Membership Account to confirm it matches the email you use to log in to the SAY Mobile App.


Once you're logged in to your YMCA Membership Account on Daxko, click on Manage > Edit Profile to update your email address. If you share a membership with any other family members who use our mobile app, you can update their emails as well or share this notice with them so they can make updates to their email addresses if necessary. If you require assistance, please review our Login Assistance FAQ, stop by the welcome desk on your next visit to the Y, or call us.

Again, because your login credentials for your YMCA Membership Account will soon be connected to the SAY Mobile App, your email address needs to match to connect your accounts together once the upgrade occurs and to avoid any inconvenience when using the app in the future.

Not using the SAY mobile app?

Y not? It's appsolutely awesome and super convenient to use to check-in to our branches, view schedules, sign up for events, join fitness challenges, track workouts and earn rewards! Plus, with the second part of our mobile app upgrade coming in December 2022, we'll have even more convenience and features for you like easy access to edit your class reservations, create fitness plans, watch exercise tutorials, gain insight on your biometrics and more, so you can spend more time doing what you need to and less time trying to figure it all out!



If you have specific questions about this notice, the SAY Mobile App or logging into your membership account, please contact us.

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