SAY Staff Summer Bucket List Challenge

Whether with friends, family or on your own, we're challenging you to the SAY Staff Summer Bucket List and making 2022 a summer to remember!

To participate, complete an item on the summer bucket list below and share a picture of you doing it here:! Those who complete and share 10 bucket list items before August 31, 2022 will win either cash, gift cards or other prizes! Eligible to active Summit Area YMCA staff only. 

Summer Bucket List

o Stay up late and go star-gazing with family or friends.
o Try a new healthy recipe. If you like it, share it with friends!
o Have a water balloon or squirt gun fight with friends or family.
o Draw an obstacle course with chalk and see how many times you can complete it.
o Learn to use 3 new pieces of strength equipment at the Y.
o Give paddle boarding or kayaking a try.
o Visit a national or state park, maybe one that you’ve never been to before. Did you know All New Jersey State Parks are free this summer?!
o Run through a sprinkler.
o Drink 80 or more oz. of water in one day.
o Eat 3 different types of fruit in one week.
o Give a ride or deliver a meal, to someone in need.
o Try something new, maybe something that scares you. But please remember to be safe!
o Don’t eat fast food for one week.
o Learn 3 new abdominal exercises. Ask a trainer at the Y or Google it!
o Sign up for a 5k.
o Make a new friend.
o Use the treadmill at 15% incline (any speed) for 5 minutes.
o Exercise outdoors, find a new hiking trail.
o Volunteer at a local non-profit, maybe the Y!
o Download the “Couch to 5k” app and start running.
o Try a locally-owned restaurant that you’ve never tried before.
o Get lost in a book.
o Try a new sport, maybe pickleball!
o Go to bed an hour earlier than usual.
o Attend a sporting event and root for the home team.
o Try a smoothie using real fruit!
o Wake up early to watch the sunrise.
o Go for a nature walk and count the different types of leaves and flowers you see, or make a scavenger hunt list before you start and see how many items you can find.
o Find out how many calories you should consume in a day. Check out
o Visit a farmer’s market in your area.
o Splash in the pool! Play pool games, have fun, don’t worry about swimming laps!
o Walk or ride your bike for at least 30 minutes!
o Play a new board game, or maybe even try chess!
o Go camping – even if it’s only in your living room.
o Participate in a Y Group Exercise Class.
o Get 10,000 steps every day for 5 days.
o Unplug for 48 hours!
o Tie dye something.
o Have a picnic!
o Build a sand castle.
o Create your own bucket list items!

Let the games begin!

For questions, contact Terri Clinton at