Healthy Heart Series at the Berkeley Heights YMCA

February is Healthy Heart Month! To celebrate, Berkeley Heights YMCA is hosting a Lunch and Learn Series devoted to Cardiovascular Health. Learn the lifestyle choices you can make to reduce your risk of heart and vascular disease. Get expert advice from Dr. Donald Fabio, Board Certified Chiropractic Orthopedist and Sports Physician, who will answer your questions and open your eyes and heart to natural ways to improve your blood pressure, cholesterol and cardio fitness levels.

Heart Disease is still the leading cause of death in the United States. The Summit Area YMCA is committed to helping its members build endurance, lose weight, get fit, and build healthy hearts and bodies.

This free four part series which is open to the community begins Tuesday, February 7th at the Berkeley Heights YMCA from 12:00-1:15 PM.


The first seminar, Healthy Heart Tips, will lay the foundation for an in depth look at cardiovascular health and the importance of exercise, diet, rest and nutrition. Feel free to bring your lunch and drink while you get the advice you need to build a healthy heart. T

What is a healthy blood pressure range? On Tuesday, February 14th, our second seminar, Natural Blood Pressure Management, will answer that question and focus on ways to maintain your blood pressure in a range that is conducive to a healthy heart. The impact of diet, nutritional supplements, exercise and other natural interventions for blood pressure management will be investigated. This seminar is from 12-1:15 PM at the Berkeley Heights YMCA. Feel free to bring your lunch and drink. To learn more, please visit:

What are your cholesterol numbers and what do they mean? Find out with our third seminar on Tuesday, February 21st, Cholesterol Management, how you can manage your cholesterol naturally. Topics include supplements that do and do not work, how exercise impacts your "good" and "bad" cholesterol and the relationship between blood sugar, triglycerides and cholesterol. This seminar begins at 12:00-1:15 PM at the Berkeley Heights YMCA. Feel free to bring your lunch and drink. 


Get into your zone with our last series, Cardiovascular Fitness, and learn about the different heart rate training zones and proper use of heart monitors to maximize your workouts and minimize your injuries. Emphasis will be on healthy heart and fat burning zones, however, training for performance enhancement will also be reviewed. Talk takes place Tuesday, February 28th at the Berkeley Heights YMCA 12:00-1:15 PM. Feel free to bring lunch and drink.

If you have any questions regarding this Lunch and Learn Series, please contact Lisa McQuilkin, Wellness Director, Berkeley Heights YMCA at (908) 464-8373 EXT. 2026 or

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