New Equipment & Upgrades at the Y!

Helping you reach your fitness goals is one of our top priorities. After spending much time with our members and listening to their requests, the following new pieces will be delivered as well as replacements with upgrades!


Coming december 22:

• 1 Cybex Upright Bike - replacement
• 2 Cybex Recumbent Bikes - replacement 
• 6 New Expresso Bikes - replacement & upgrade
• 2 New Lateral Ellipticals - replacement & upgrade
• 2 StairMaster Free Climbers - NEW Steppers by the Company that does this best 
• 1 StairMaster TreadClimber5 - - NEW with non-hydraulics system to ensure durability. Easier on the knees, ankles & joints and tough on calories
• 2 Free Motion Bikes - equipped with motorized terrain replicating system with built in video workout that inclines and declines as topography changes
• 1 Octane Zero Runner - no belt, deck or cord, eliminates discomfort of running while providing true running motion to optimize form and maximize workout.
• 2 True Alpine Runners - The next evolution In High Intensity Treadmill Training.
• 2 Concept 2 Rowers - The Workhorses of the Rowing Industry
• Safe Edge Plyo Boxes
• Neoprene/Vinyl Dumbbells with Rack - The Wellness Center will now have its own set of Dumbbells for members to use.


Talk to our Wellness Staff to learn more!