New Fitness Offerings this Year at the Y

It's a new year and we're excited to bring you new and the return of some of your favorite classes and fitness programs!

group exercise CLASSES

Zumba - Mondays 6:15PM - with Donna S. - Summit YMCA
Zumba is a fun, Latin inspired cardio dance workout that combines salsa and aerobics. It's a great full body workout that burns calories and fat, builds endurance, improves blood pressure and more! Appropriate for all fitness levels.

Plyo Fit Boot Camp - Tuesdays 8:00AM - with Jay A. - Summit YMCA
A fitness boot camp class that incorporates a combination of calisthenics and body weight exercises with high-intensity interval training to boost muscle growth, build functional strength and more. Intermediate fitness level.

Trampoline Bounce - Thursdays 8:00AM - with Nerissa A. - Summit YMCA
Trampolines aren't just for kids! Trampoline Bounce incorporates basic barre moves on a jump sport trampoline. Challenge your body, your balance, your mind and have fun doing it! Appropriate for all fitness levels.

HIIT - Thursdays 6:15PM - with Keri K. - Summit YMCA
Get ready to sweat in this 30-45 minutes of high intensity exercise alternating with moderate intensity for a full cardio workout. Intermediate fitness level.


Reservations for group exercise classes are required to manage capacity as space is limited. Walk-ins will not be accepted. Reservations and session availability can be found on the Find a Class tab on the SAY Mobile App or via our Online Schedules.

Class Schedules

For more information about reservation rules, check-in procedures, participation policies and safety protocols, please review our Group Exercise Class Guidelines


Small group training is a fun, effective and affordable way to reach your fitness goals. The following small group training options are offered as four [4] week Small Group Training Series (1 session per week). Pre-registration and payment is required and available through Daxko (click on the register button below or on the Program Signup tile on the SAY Mobile App homepage, then search in Small Group Training).


When: Mondays 12:30PM | 1/18 - 2/8
Where: Summit YMCA
Session Length
: 4 weeks (1 per week)
: $80 (for 4 sessions)
Instructor: Sharon
Group Size
: 8 participants (max per group)

This high energy cardio and strength workout including circuit training stations of weights, cardio and core work.



When: Wednesdays 7:45AM | 1/20 - 2/10
Where: Summit YMCA
Session Length: 4 weeks (1 per week)
Cost: $80 (for 4 sessions)
Instructor: Stewart
Group Size: 8 participants (max per group)

Indoor Rowing provides a full body, low impact cardio workout. Rowing is considered one of the top 5 calorie burning workouts. Rowing is a great full body workout that strengthens your back, your shoulders, arms, glutes, thighs and calves! Since you are seated and your feet are strapped in, there is not bouncing and causing undue stress on joints, making it a wonderful low impact exercise with the cardio benefits of a treadmill or elliptical. Participants can expect to burn up to 500-700 calories in one class. 




When: Sundays at 11:00AM  |  Wednesdays at 9:00AM  |  Thursdays at 5:30PM | 1/17 - 2/11
Where: Berkeley Heights YMCA
Session Length: 4 weeks (1 session per week)
Cost: $80 (for 4 sessions)
Group Size: 3-4 participants (max per group)

Each small group MX4 Training session is coached by an instructor, combining circuits of short intervals and rest that changes weekly using best-in-class functional training tools and equipment with traditional and non-traditional exercises. This method was designed to deliver maximize results and exciting workouts that improve cardiovascular fitness, power, strength and endurance in a way that’s right for your body and abilities. No matter what your goals, MX4 can help you achieve more with a mix of personal trainer attention, camaraderie and challenging progressive workouts!


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When: Mondays 4:30PM | 1/18 - 2/8
Where: Summit YMCA
Session Length: 4 weeks (1 per week)
Cost: $80 (for 4 sessions)
Instructor: Anthony
Group Size: 8 participants (max per group)

This training series focuses on exercises for speed, strength, balance, flexibility and coordination to encourage and enhance fitness and conditioning.




Berkeley Heights YMCA & Summit YMCA

At the Y we have professional trainers and coaches whose sole purpose is to help you reach your wellness goals in both mind and body. We offer a variety of opportunities in personal training, small group training, wellness coaching, nutrition coaching and more for you to become a healthier version of yourself. Each session is tailored completely to your needs, goals and even mood! You have our full attention, and we are here to help build not just muscle, but confidence with ongoing support and motivation that will help keep you on track in your wellness journey.

Can't get enough of Personal Training program, or want to sign up and finally stay accountable for your wellness? Save money and enjoy a hassle-free payment option with our Monthly Personal Training Payment Plan. 

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Virtual Fitness Studio

We know that staying fit and active are key components to a healthy lifestyle that can help reduce stress, prevent illness and build a strong immune system. While we would love to see you at the Y, if you are unable to join us in-person at this time you don't have to miss your workout! As an advocate for healthy living regardless of circumstance, the Summit Area YMCA has created a brand new Virtual Fitness Studio as a benefit to your membership that provides you with a variety of online exercise options for you to complete your workout, your way -- whenever and wherever you choose!

Our virtual fitness studio includes a growing library of on-demand workout videos with new fitness classes added weekly from your favorite instructors at the Y, that you can search through by category, instructor, intensity, target area and more.



 Please note: The SAY Virtual Fitness Studio is hosted on a private platform for Summit Area YMCA members only. 


All members must sign an updated Summit Area YMCA membership waiver online before participating in any Y activities. The waiver only has to be completed once.




Members can rest assured that we are working closely with the CDC and NJ Board of Health guidelines to ensure safety and prevention of disease as detailed in the Group Exercise Class Guidelines. We ask all interested participants to please review these guidelines thoroughly. Similar to participants, Summit Area YMCA staff are also subject to health screenings and temperature checks, hand sanitizing, mask, social distancing requirements and more. Time is reserved before and after each class for staff to clean, disinfect and sanitize our facilities and any equipment (if applicable) to ensure cleanliness. The YMCA uses an electrostatic sprayer to disinfect our facilities and equipment. Wipes and disinfectant will also be available for member use if needed.

If you are not feeling well, have any COVID-19 related symptoms, have been in close proximity to anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19 or has any COVID-19 related symptoms, have travelled internationally or to any of the states on the NJ quarantine listing, please stay home and postpone your anticipated visit to the Y.

Questions? Contact:


Wellness Director
(908)273-3330 Ext. 1137