Water Exercise at the Summit YMCA

We are excited to bring back Water Exercise to the Summit YMCA pools! Exercising in the pool is a wonderful, low-impact way to get movement in your day and to strengthen muscles and joints. It's perfect for bodies experiencing aching pains, is perfect for muscle and joint therapy, and is a great cardio workout!

Join us beginning October 13 with Janet in her Aqua Fitness class!

Aqua Fitness provides a challenging and fun workout using the natural resistance of the water with minimal impact to the body. This is a moderately intense class that includes a variety of movements designed to improve flexibility, muscular strength and cardiovascular endurance. Please bring your own water weights (no worries if you don't have them) and lots of energy!

Class: Aqua Fitness
Instructor: Janet
Time: 10 am in Hurst Pool, 11 am in Buntin Pool
Register: Save your spot in class on GroupEx Pro or online at www.thesay.org/schedules




Questions? Contact:

Patrick Collins

Director of Competitive Aquatics


(908)273-3330 Ext. 1150