Personal Training is Perfect for Teen Athletes Looking to Play Better

Personal training is not just limited to adults, but is perfect for teens who are looking to train and get stronger to play their favorite sports. Increase your flexibility, agility, reflexes, strength and more through personal training with a trainer dedicated to you, so when you're out on the field or on the court, you come out on top! 

1-on-1 Personal Training sessions are available at the Berkeley Heights YMCA and Summit YMCA, where you'll be able to work indoors with all our Wellness Center equipment and weights!

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4 reasons athletes need personal training

improve sport related skills

When it comes to sports, a personal trainer is perfect for identifying the best exercises and fitness program for you in specific areas you are interested in to enhance your strength, speed, reaction time, endurance, and more. This kind of training can do more for you than just attending sports practice or lifting weights at random. Ultimately, time spent with a trainer can give an athlete an advantage over their opponent when it comes to game time. Personal trainers can also identify and find imbalances and poor posture or form in your body, and can help you correct those discrepancies. This will help to make you safer and reduce the risk of injury in both daily life and in sports.


Improve your health for good

Trainers are great for getting a customized workout dedicated solely to your body and health goals. Their knowledge and experience in fitness and health will help you reach your goals more efficiently than if you were to figure things out all on your own, and will teach you the right exercises, form and types of food to eat to keep you on the right path. Why trudge in the dark when there's someone who knows the way AND can give you a flashlight to light your way? 


more than just physical

Personal trainers are great at motivating you, even when you just don't feel like moving (at least at the Y!). They are supportive and will push you to your limit while keeping your safety in mind. Emotionally, this will help you grow your confidence because the more you work together, the stronger you get, and the more you'll realize that those extra 2 push-ups are not so bad after all. When you put your mind to something, you truly can do what you aim to do, but it's even better when there is someone to cheer you on and celebrate with you every step up the way.


invest in yourself

Let's face it, personal training is not always the "cheapest" option to get fit or stronger, especially when there is an entire world of free fitness material on the good old world wide web. But, the difference in Personal Training versus Free Stuff is huge -- when you invest in yourself, especially when the investment significant, you have more incentive to squeeze something out of every penny spent to make it worth it. It's not the same as someone online with a general workout that just about anyone can do, it's not tailored to you and your body type and needs. Every exercise, every conversation, every moment spent with the trainer is dedicated to reaching your wellness goal. With a Personal Trainer you'll try harder, because you want those results and darn it, you're paying money for it! How many times have you watched a free workout online, but didn't actually do the workout? When it's free, we assume that we will always have time to do it later because there is no commitment. When you have a Personal Trainer that you pay to get healthier, you'll have someone to get you motivated and moving!

At the Summit Area YMCA, we are offering both indoor and outdoor personal training, or a combination of both (your preference)! Additionally, we will also continue to offer outdoor group exercise classes!

If you are a previous personal training client and are ready to resume or purchase new sessions, we can't wait to have you back! Please click below to complete the RETURNING CLIENT form and we will reach out to discuss scheduling. If you are new to personal training and interested in getting started, we encourage you to take advantage of our new client offer - 3 sessions for $150. Please complete the NEW CLIENT form and we will contact you to get started!

You can find more information on personal training, offers and pricing at




At the Y, our team of nationally certified and talented Personal Trainers will inspire you to set fitness goals, hold you accountable and motivate you to work harder to achieve results. Each session is tailored completely to your needs, goals and even mood! We are here to help you build not just muscle, but confidence with ongoing support and motivation that will help keep you on track in your wellness journey.


Please know, the safety of our members and staff remains our highest priority, we have adopted and will abide by all of the new state, county and town health and safety guidelines required to offer these services. With that in mind, please note the following updated policies, procedures and requirements in order to participate.

• If you elect to participate in personal training, you are granting us permission to reactivate your membership dues which have currently been on hold. Your membership will be prorated for the month from the first day you plan to attend a session. With your membership activated, you will also be granted access to attend outdoor group exercise classes.

• Upon check in, you will be required to participate in a temperature check using a touchless thermometer and a health screening questionnaire where you will be asked several Covid-19 related questions. If you have a fever of 100.4 or greater or answer positively to any of the health screening questions you will not be allowed to attend the session.

• Members and staff will be required to wear masks during check-in, the health screening and upon exiting the facility. We are waiting for further guidance regarding mask requirements during indoor personal training sessions. Masks during workouts are optional for outdoor sessions/classes.

• You must complete our updated membership waiver online (below) before participating in any activity at the Y. 


Additional details on updated policies and available programs at the Y can be found in our REOPENING GUIDE.

If you have any questions about personal training or outdoor classes, please contact Lisa McQuilkin at the Berkeley Heights YMCA or Valeria Tenreiro at the Summit YMCA. We look forward to seeing you in person!

If you have any questions about outdoor classes or personal training, please contact:




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