Art for Kids Series | Owl Family Fun


This is a 3 step drawing ACTIVITY.


  • White drawing paper or computer paper
  • crayons, markers
  • cup of water
  • Q tip or paint brush.


What do you know about Owls?

Owls are unique birds; they fly & see at night, have very powerful eyes facing forward, are meat eaters, have sharp beaks & talons.

Step 2: Drawing Your Bird


Choose a dark crayon like a black or dark brown or purple. Follow the steps starting with the eyes and adding each part.
Owl eyes are big flat circles that help focus night time light to its pupils. Add a sharp pointed beak. The body & head are rounded, hiding its swivel neck beneath the feathers. Add a branch for sharp talons to grip. Add pointed feathers for “horns”.

 This detail example is from "All About Owls" by Jim Arnosky: 


Step 3: Build up your Owl Family!

Now fill your drawing with 3 owls, different sizes and wing positions. Make the eye pupils focusing in different directions.

Notice the variety of owl faces and eyes in this drawing by Jim Arnosky:


These owls show different feather patterns that you can try. Use your markers to add details such as eye lines or feather patterns. Then use water and paint brush or Q tip to wash & blend the color.



 Don't forget to share your completed project with us!

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