Reopening Updates for the Berkeley Heights Community Pool at the YMCA

June 12, 2020 - We are happy to confirm that we have been given the green light by state and local authorities to open our new outdoor pool. We are so looking forward to welcoming you back!

Your safety remains our #1 priority. The guidance from the Governor and the New Jersey Department of Health (DOH) place restrictions on how we can operate the pool this year as it relates to capacity, cleaning, social distancing etc., which will impact how we serve our members this year. Please be assured we have been diligent and deliberate in preparing for this inaugural summer season and that we will be incorporating all necessary safety and cleaning protocols into our daily operations to keep you and your loved ones safe while you enjoy the new pool complex. For complete details on updated pool rules, regulations, FAQ, and COVID-19 related policies, please visit

Here’s what you can expect this year at the pool:

DOH Guidelines: Click here to reference the outdoor pool guidelines from the NJ DOH.

Social Distancing: All members will be asked to try to keep at least 6’ away from others outside of their family.

Health Screening: We will screen all staff and members prior to entrance for fever and other COVID-19 related symptoms. Members or staff with a fever of or above 100.4 will not be allowed into the pool complex.

Face Coverings: Face coverings are required upon entrance at the time of the temperature check/health screening. Following that, face coverings are encouraged but not mandatory. Face coverings will not be permitted in the water. We encourage members to keep a social distance of 6’ from others if they choose not to wear one. Face coverings will be required when using the restrooms.

Self-Monitoring: Members are expected to stay home if they are feeling unwell, are exhibiting any cold symptoms or if they have been exposed to COVID-19.

Sanitizing Stations: Frequent hand washing and use of hand sanitizer is encouraged. There are numerous stations around the pool complex for your convenience.

Additional information about the pool:

Membership Registration: New member registration will remain open throughout the summer.

Hours of Operation: 12:00 PM – 8:00 PM. Hours may vary depending on weather and visibility.

Length of Time at the Pool: Each member will be allowed a 1 hour and 45 minute time slot each day given the state’s requirement to operate at reduced capacity. More details to come.

Reserve Your Spot: Members will be required to schedule their time at the pool in advance to their arrival. Members will not be permitted to enter without an advance reservation. We also ask members to be mindful of their arrival and departure time so that all members with reserved spots can enjoy their reserved time at the pool. Reservation instructions will be included with the official opening date notice.

Cleaning/Disinfecting: Our staff will spend time between each session cleaning all frequently used equipment and areas, including outdoor shower handles, bathrooms, lifeguard stands, railings, umbrellas, check-in desk, etc.

Access Cards: Each member is allowed access to the pool complex individually with a swipe card. Please come to the Berkeley Heights YMCA main building to pick up your access card. Members may also use the SAY Mobile App (available for Android & Apple devices) for easy check-in. However you must still pick up your access card to retrieve the barcode number needed to add to the mobile app. Click here for app download links, features and FAQ, like how to add multiple barcodes.

Guests: Guests will not be permitted into the facility for the 2020 season.

Chairs: Please bring your own chair each day to the pool (exceptions will be made for those with a handicap, seniors, etc.). You will need to take your chair with you when you leave. Personal chairs may not be stored at the facility.

Outdoor Showers: Members will be required to rinse at the outdoor shower prior to entering the pool. Footwear must be worn while showering.

Indoor Showers and Changing Areas: Will remain closed.

Bathroom: Toilets and sinks will be open. Footwear and face coverings must be worn to use toilets and sinks.

Water Play Equipment and Games: If desired, please bring your own water play equipment (googles, fins, etc.) and games (board games, books, etc.) for your personal entertainment.

Diving Boards: Will be open for the last 45 minutes of each reserved time slot session.

Lap Lanes: Will be available throughout the day. Members must schedule lap swim in advance. Lanes will be limited to one swimmer each per DOH guidelines. Swimmers will be limited to one hour of lap swim time a day unless there are open spots. A waitlist will be available.

Playground: Will remain closed per state and local guidelines.

Swim Lessons: Currently registration for swim lessons is on hold. We are evaluating the specifics of our program to see how best to adapt to the DOH requirements.

Swim Team: The North Jersey Summer Swim League has suspended all competitive swim events for summer 2020. We are evaluating the options to run clinics for swim team members throughout the summer.

Events: All summer 2020 events have been cancelled until further notice.

Food: Will not be permitted in the pool complex.

Water Fountains: Will remain closed per state and local guidelines. Please bring your own beverages. No alcoholic beverages are allowed.

Glass: As a safety precaution, no glass bottles or glassware is allowed on the pool deck.

Updated Waiver: Every member will be required to sign an updated Summit Area YMCA membership waiver prior to return/admittance in our facility. Please click here and complete the waiver for each pool member. 

Training and Certifications: Please be assured that our staff will have undergone 20 hours of online and in-service training related to COVID-19, aquatics safety and risk management.

We expect to communicate our official opening date in the upcoming days. Please stay tuned and visit our website for the most up to date information about the pool.

If you have specific questions, please contact us here.

Thank you for staying with us and for your patience and flexibility as we make adjustments to pool operations this year. We hope to see you in the upcoming weeks. Thank you for your support and cooperation in following these guidelines. We are very excited and looking forward to welcoming you all to our brand new pool this summer!


Tiffany Escott
Executive Director
Berkeley Heights YMCA