Art for Kids Series | Spring Birds


This is a 6 step drawing ACTIVITY.


  • - White drawing paper or computer paper
  • crayons, markers
  • cup of water
  • Q tip or paint brush.


This is a drawing project of a basic bird shape. You choose the setting or background to draw.
You add the setting or environment to tell a story about the bird. Some examples are:
 Bird catching a worm
 Perched on a nest of eggs
 Feeding a baby bird hatched from an egg
 Perched on a branch
 Looking into a bird house
 Perched on a bird feeder
 Birds in a flock
 Watching SPACEX rocket take off

So before you begin, take a moment to look out the window and see some of the birds that live right next to you. 

Step 2: Drawing Your Bird


This is a 6 step drawing. Start by choosing a dark crayon. Follow the steps to draw a bird in a profile or side view.

Keep going until bird is done. Once your bird is completed, choose a storyline for he/she to live in.

*If you are using markers, turn them into watercolor paint by wetting the Q-tip or paint brush with water.


Step 3: Add your background and tell the story of your bird.

Here are some examples of great bird stories: 


This drawing is by P.D. Eastman from the book Are You My Mother? Draw a fat or a thin bird!


This is a book titled The Hole In The Tree written and illustrated by Jean George. It’s a woodpecker looking for bugs.



This bird has just built a nest in the birdhouse and is trying to entice the female to lay her eggs inside.

The female liked the nest and laid an egg a day for 10 days. These two paintings are from the book Birdhouse For Rent by Harriet Ziefert.


Use these stories to inspire you and create your own fantastic story!


Hope you enjoyed this activity! Send us photos of your drawings and we'll share it on our Facebook page!


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