Art for Kids Series | Recycled Robots

Create your inventive, colorful, and environmentally friendly Robot!

This is a 2 part project.

Materials: Stapler, markers, scissors, colored construction paper (can be scraps), Boxes (cereal, crackers, snacks)

Part 1: Create your Robot Body Pieces

1. Start by picking a large box (around Cereal Box size) from your home, separate the glued seams, and remove the flaps, this will be the background.
2. Use another box to cut shapes, try and make them geometric (circles, triangles, rectangles…etc.) Cut out a body, head and other parts as arms, legs antenna. Cutting straight lines is easiest. Use the colorful printed side so it will show at the end.


Part 2: Assemble Your Robot

1. For additional flair collect some old stickers and scraps of colored construction paper
2. Staple the pieces of you Robot’s body onto the plain background. Use colored paper for machine buttons, heart and extra controls. These details can be glued on with Elmer’s glue and drawn on with markers. (Don’t forget to let the glue sit for 5-10 minutes)
3. Once your robot’s main body parts are set up, add as much detail as possible. Think about how your robot moves and communicates. You can add beepers, rippers, batteries, and even a microchip. Don’t forget to give your robot a name, and sign your name as well, then snap a photo and post it so everyone can see your masterpiece.
4. Extra: Write a story about your robot, maybe even illustrate a short story.



Hope you enjoyed this activity! Send us photos of your drawings and we'll share it on our Facebook page!


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