Art for Kids Series | Peace Sign Plate

Create a colorful, simple and fun peace sign project!

This is a 5 step project.

Materials: Plain white paper plates (9” diameter is best, 7” is ok but no smaller), Washable Markers (Water Soluble), Scissors, Masking Tape or Blue Painter’s Tape (Scotch tape is not ideal as it sticks too tightly), Small Paint Brush (Q-tips work as well)

Part 1: Tape Set Up

Turn your plate upside down, put 1 piece of tape down straight from the top to bottom so it sits in the middle of the plate. The tape should be slightly longer than the plate so you can curl the tape around the other side of the plate (Will make it easier to remove later). Add two more (shorter) pieces of tape branching off the center piece so they make an upside down “V” shape.
*Tip: Don’t press too hard when applying the tape


Part 2: Color Scheme

Pick the color scheme you want to use: If you are feeling Energetic you may want to go with these “Warm” colors: orange, red and yellow. But if you are feeling calm try these “Cold” colors: green, blue and purple. Or maybe you want to try something completely different! Once you decide on 3 colors, separate out those markers ad set them aside. Now we want to plan our design. You can choose some loose squiggly “organic” shapes to create a pattern or try for some sharp pointed “Geometric” Shapes to create a different pattern.


Part 3: Design Time

Now it’s time to draw on your plate. Grab the three markers you set aside and use them draw the pattern you chose before. Alternate colors to really make your design POP. Color with wide, thick lines and make sure to color all the way to the edge of the plate.
*Tip: Put newspaper under the plate so when you color over the edge it’s not a big deal


    Part 4: Painting!


Let’s get painting! Fill up a small cup with water and dip in your paintbrush/ Q-tip. Paint in the white spaces inside the shapes with a small amount of water. Fill in all the white shapes. Let it dry for 5 minutes.


Step 5: Remove the Tape

Gently peel off tape so the white symbol shows up in contrast to your beautiful design. Now you have a beautiful Peace Symbol Plate.

Don’t forget to write your name on the back of your masterpiece!


Hope you enjoyed this activity! Send us photos of your drawings and we'll share it on our Facebook page!


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