Art for Kids Series | Swimmy at Play

Create your unique underwater, very active swimmy school of fish!

This is a 3 step drawing.

Materials: 1 piece of computer paper, broad tip or wide markers or crayons.

Part 1: Loop De Loop

1. Start by choosing a medium to dark colored crayon. Start at one edge of paper and draw a wavy line along the bottom of the paper. This is the bottom of the ocean.
2.Draw a continuous loop de loop line covering the paper with a number of rounded loop de loops. Approximately 4 -8 closed loops. Use various sizes, they all look good and unique. These are your fish bodies.
3. Go to the next page.


Part 2: Details
Add Details to each loop de loop fish.

These fish are seen from the side so you only see 1 eye on each fish. Be sure to include the following parts for each fish:
- Eye
- Mouth
- Tail
- Fins
- Gills

Pattern - dots, stripes, rainbow, scales, triangles, or your choice!
Complete each fish in own pattern or make them part of 1 school with same pattern on each.


Part 3: Decorate!

1. Time to tell your fishy story. Make it yours by including things you know about or are good at drawing.
2. Add details on bottom of ocean floor; such as an octopus, sea shells, seaweed, treasure chest, sunken ship wreck.
3. Add some breathing bubbles from fish mouths. Add sea turtles, star fish.
4. Use crayon to lightly rub color onto paper around the fish. Take a piece of crayon and remove the paper. Hold crayon on its side, a lying down crayon.
5. Try rubbing on a practice paper first; an old piece of mail, scrap newspaper or paper to be recycled. Rub area around the fish to suggest water. You can use a second crayon; green or dark blue to blend with first blue. Have fun.
6. Sign your name and Hang it Up!


Hope you enjoyed this activity! Send us photos of your drawings and we'll share it on our Facebook page!


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