5 Family Fitness Activities


Schools in New Jersey are closed through the end of the year; for many, work is remote and the entire family has been stuck inside for longer than we would like. We are all adapting to the current world situation in different ways, and we are doing our best to stay calm. Yet despite all the time spent inside the house with the family, a common thing we are hearing is that quality family time is still hard to come by. Between work, school, meal-prep, homework and everyone playing on their phones, having time left over to spend as a family to create meaningful memories is hard.

We’ve found some fun family fitness activities that help to not only pass the time, but to create some great memories as well!

5 Family Fitness Ideas for Quarantine



One great way to combine fitness, family, and some good old-fashioned cleaning is by creating Indoor Games using….tape! The great thing about these games is they are only limited by your creativity and your supply of non-destructive tape.

Tape Obstacle Course

Grab some removable non-destructive tape and use it to create an obstacle course on the floor of your house using creative shapes and interesting tasks. An example: run from the square shapes to the circles, hop 7 times inside the circle. Crawl to the triangle, hop down the squiggly line…etc.
Challenge each person in the family to come up with a section of the course and to add some challenge you can time each person and treat them like the newest Ninja Warrior.

Other Tape Game Ideas:

Tape Hopscotch
Tape Racetrack
Tape Indoor Soccer
For more ideas visit: whatmomslove.com 

Now you might be wondering how does this allow my house to get clean? Make it a condition that before you play the carpets have to be vacuumed and the floor has to be swept so the tape sticks better. Afterwards the only cleanup required is removing the tape. At the end of the game, your house will feel clean, you will feel happily exhausted and everyone can remember the fun games they played with the family.




Spring is here and those beautiful sunny days are the perfect time to work outside. Working Outside? That doesn’t sound like too much fun…for kids or for adults. Instead of making someone do the weeding, pick an outdoor project you can really invest in and get excited about. Buy some plant seeds and create a majestic garden. Look up how to create your own special planter and have everyone decorate it. You can even make DIY Garden Path Molds. The important thing is to make whatever you choose into a project rather than a chore.




There is something about working together to decrypt a clue that is so satisfying in scavenger hunts! The great thing is, now that everyone has a camera in their phone, you can take photos at every stage and create a small photobook to commemorate the afternoon of fun! Now if you are thinking…I already have so much to do there is no way I have time to organize a scavenger hunt, we hear you, so let someone help you! This article has some amazing tips for how to create a quick and easy hunt in your house, www.thespruce.com. A fun prize when you finish the hunt would be to let the winner pick a local establishment they love for a takeout dinner. This way you no longer have to make dinner, and you can support local businesses!




Now is the perfect time to get outside as a family to enjoy the outdoors, just be sure to be safe about it. Now that local county and state parks have mostly reopened, going on a walk could be the perfect social distancing activity. If you want to add a little something extra to your walk before you head out download the GardenAnswers App, an app that allows you to take a quick snapshot of any plant you like or are curious about and it will tell you what kind of plant it is! 




Kids & Adults function best when their day isn’t just filled with sitting in one place, it is important to get up, get moving and get your blood pumping. By exhausting your body, you are not only more likely to sleep better but you will also feel less stressed and healthier. So physical exercise helps not only your body, but your mind as well!

Now is the perfect time to find a workout that works FOR YOU without the pressure of what everyone else is doing. In the comfort of your home you can pick what is a comfortable goal for you and your family and commit to spending some time every day/every other day/any interval that works for you to working on physical fitness.

Check out our amazing new Live Virtual Studio for inspiration and motivation. By doing this as a family and not along you can hold each other accountable, and you are more likely to succeed.


These are just some ideas of how you can prioritize family and fitness but there are so many other activities you can do! Hold a sports night, organize a zoom dance party with friends, do chalk art. The important thing is to get your body up and moving and doing it as a family. This quarantine won’t last forever but your memories of it will so you might as well make some good ones.