Stay Heart Healthy with the YMCA!

February is Heart Health Month!


What does it mean to have a healthy heart?

The heart has a big job, it beats over 2.5 billion times in an average lifespan, keeping blood flowing and the body healthy. Keeping your healthy is incredibly important, but how can the YMCA help you keep your healthy?


1. Healthy Hearts Cardiac Maintenance Program

Did you know that the Summit area YMCA offers a free program directed by nationally certified trainers to help you improve and/or maintain cardiovascular health?

Program Goals:

  • Teach participants how to exercise independently to maintain cardiovascular health.
  • Build muscle strength with upper body and lower body exercises.
  • Improve overall flexibility.
  • Coach participants to continue a lifetime of healthy habits.




2. Cardio Fitness with Group exercise Classes

Commit to be fit while also making friends and getting your heart pumped up!

The cardio programs at the Summit Area YMCA are designed to get your heart pumping! There are classes for all types, from beginners to experienced pros, and everything in between. From high repetition movements to low impact cardio strength training, our workouts are suitable for all levels of fitness and are a great way to maintain or improve your cardio fitness. Check out our various fitness classes at the Summit YMCA and Berkeley Heights YMCA for your next workout. From yoga to indoor cycling, to INSANITY and Cardio HIIT, to Barre, Zumba, and more!




3. Relax your blood pressure and get your heart rate up with Water Exercises

Did you know that just by entering a pool most people have lower blood pressure? The water relaxes your blood vessels, allowing them to carry more blood out to the body. Working out in a pool is also much more low impact on your joints than working out on and, and the buoyant properties of water allow you to feel weightless.

Under the helpful, caring guidance of our Swim Instructors we are happy to offer a variety of water exercise options from intense cardio routines to more relaxing techniques that focus on breathing, balance, and flexibility.

Getting fit and having fun? It doesn't get much better than that! Add something new to your routine this week and try a water exercise class!



4. Wellness Navigation

Getting healthier can be overwhelming, but don’t worry The Summit Area YMCA has your back with complimentary Wellness Navigation. What is Wellness Navigation? It’s the ability to work with a personal Wellness Navigator, to listen to your goals, create a plan that works for you, offer support and more.

Wellness Navigation can help you on your path to keeping your heart healthy, providing not only technical but also emotional support.

5. Inbody

A common misconception amongst those seeking to becoming healthier is that "weight loss" is the key. However, the body is more than just numbers on the scale. The human body is comprised of water, muscle, fat and other compounds that add up to create "weight." The InBody helps you get the full picture of your body and that in turn can help you focus on the best workout to keep your heart healthy. Heart health is the not the same thing as weight loss its about body health.

With the InBody 570, users are able to get a comprehensive body composition analysis that provides data about your body in under 1 minute. 45 seconds, to be exact! By simply standing on the machine and holding the hand electrodes, the InBody machine is able to measure fat, muscle and water levels, and by inputting your phone number, all your data is saved to InBody's cloud based database management system where you can easily view and manage your progress anytime, anywhere.







Questions? Contact:


Wellness Director

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Questions? Contact:



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