Train Like Never Before with MX4 at the New Berkeley Heights YMCA


We are so excited to be bringing MX4, a new fitness training system to the brand new Berkeley Heights YMCA

MX4 is a group training experience that combines Matrix specific equipment with innovative workouts to help you improve cardio, power, strength and endurance! Each session is accompanied by an MX4 trainer that motivates and provides challenging and progressive workouts that change every week. It's coming soon at the new Berkeley Heights YMCA, so keep an eye out for it on our online schedules at or on the SAY mobile app!

Creature of habit? Here are reasons why you should try MX4 and get into the routine of...breaking your routine! 

vary your workouts to maximize your health

1. Introducing different exercises, equipment and types of workouts to your fitness routine is integral to continued progression. Ever hit a plateau and wonder why you're not reaching the next step of your wellness goal? Your body gets used to doing the same thing and needs something new to challenge and excite different muscle groups in order to improve and get stronger!

2. Stretching and training other body parts helps to improve balance, flexibility and overall strength.

3. When you exercise all muscle groups, you help to prevent overuse injuries that may occur when you only do one type of workout that focuses on certain muscle groups over and over. Swap it up to ensure every part of your body is equally getting attention during your workouts.

4. Stay mentally invigorated and fresh with new workouts! If a trip to the fitness center starts feeling boring or even like a chore, you know you need to spice things up before you stop going all together. You never know what workout you might fall in love with if you don't try something new. Trying out a new piece of equipment, working with a new instructor, pushing yourself further than you thought you could in a workout can help with preventing boredom, and keeping things fun! 

To celebrate the opening of the new Berkeley Heights YMCA, members will be able to enjoy their first 2 sessions of MX4 for free!

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