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Jump Start to Self Care Workshop

Jump Start to Self Care Workshop

Do you feel like Self-Care should be a priority in your life but seems to be regularly left off of the TO-DO list? If so, you are not alone! Today's hustle and bustle can make that seems like a challenge, but it doesn't have to be. In JUMPSTART TO SELF-CARE, our interactive workshop, we will discuss realistic techniques to return vital and achievable self-care to the center of our lives.

This includes healthy boundaries, goal setting, meditation and energy healing: all pure and natural expressions of balanced, healthy living. We will conclude the afternoon by participating in a gentle, relaxing Reiki meditation...soaking up the healing energy that is all around us and creating the space to meet ourselves again.

This workshop will offer you an opportunity to indulge in a time of soul reconnection and community! Wear comfy clothes and be ready to shower yourself with empowering self-love and energy!








Vikki Squazzo
about the instructor

Victoria Squazzo, RMT, HPA, is a practicing Reiki healer (for both people and pets) and Master Teacher in Usui Method Reiki. Vikki firmly believes in the power of energy work such as Reiki (which aligns and clears the energetic body) to promote emotional, spiritual, and physical healing. Vikki is also a Holistic Practitioner of Ayurveda, a dynamic and highly effective health science that focuses on prevention and longevity through the modalities of food, life balance, exercise, breathwork, skin care and more. Both Reiki and Ayurveda optimize dimensional living, a tenet upon which she bases her life's work as both a human and a healer.