Welcoming Week 2019 Celebrated at the Summit Area YMCA, Engaging Members with New Cultural Experiences

Each year we register for Welcoming Week, excited that we get to share this with our community. During Welcoming Week we open our facility up for free to community and encourage new families and community members to try our gym, classes and events for free! It is a great way to educate and show local people that the Y is more than just a gym and swim.

Throughout the Berkeley Heights branch we had some fun Welcoming Week activities to keep people engaged and educated about what we stand for here at the Y. We had Welcoming Week bingo games, and even made a youth oriented bingo game where we encouraged out child care and enrichment class participants to do things throughout the week such as- try a new food, watch a video of a cultural celebration, listen to music from a different country and even learn how to say hello in a new language! In the lobby we made language cards where you could learn to say “Hello”, and “Welcome” in 12 different languages. We also placed a large world map in the hallway and had members place stars on the map where they were born, or where their families heritage began. It was fascinating to see how the map filled up throughout the week.

At the Summit branch we enjoyed a variety of group exercise classes like Bi-Lingual Hot Yoga Class, Zumba, Bollywood Dance workshop, Latino Mix TRX, Meditation, MOSSA Move Together and Condition Together classes and more! In addition, we had lots of fun getting Henna tattoos!

We love to celebrate Welcoming Week and show our communities that at the Y we are more than just 4 walls, and show how we welcome all with open arms. We hope you will join us next year!


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