Move for the Sake of Health, Condition to Get Stronger!

We are proud to partner with MOSSA to bring two great classes to the Y! Introducing Move Together and Condition Together, two great classes that you can take individually or back to back! 

Both classes use the VIPR, a loaded movement tool with multiple grooves for holding and weighs about the same as a gallon of milk. This special tool's design was inspired by the types of load movement activities that kids in rural areas practice in daily life as they helped out on farms. The exercises with the VIPR tool imitates movements one would experience in daily life, while improving coordination, flexibility, strength and more.

Move Together is a class that we recommend beginners or individuals with less experience exercising. The Move Together class is also great for seasoned fitness individuals because the class helps them focus on fundamentals of elongation and full range motion. Often, folks who enjoy harder, more strenuous workouts will take Move Together as a warmup or cooldown class.

The Move Together class will have you feeling and moving better in only 30 minutes. Build movement health by mastering the fundamental patterns that encompass everything you do in life. Grow your movement confidence with coaching, motivating music and a supportive group environment that help you succeed.

Condition Together is similar to Move Together in that the VIPR tool is used, however is much more fast paced and is a class that will get your heart beating! Condition Together is a class that integrates strength and cardio training to build muscle, burn calories and improve agility. Revolutionize your body using Loaded Movement Training. This energetic workout uses athletic movement and High Intensity Interval Training.

To strengthen and make your everyday life a breeze, try the Move Together or Condition Together class! We're sure you'll love it!


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