Swing Like the Pros with RIP & TRX Trainer Golf Conditioning

Too cold for the golf course? Take your conditioning inside and learn to hit with better accuracy, consistency, and power.
Develop the core strength to drive and direct the ball like the pros.

Training to master the perfect golf swing requires a workout with a special focus on upper body rotation, resistance, and stability.
Beginning on Saturday, January 5 at 10:00AM, The Summit YMCA will be introducing a unique six-week golf conditioning small group training series. Utilizing both the Rip Trainer and TRX Trainer, each session will target key principles of stability, mobility and coordination. As participants progress through this six-week series, they will learn to stay firmly connected to the ground as they rotate from back swing to down swing, through impact, and into follow through.

TRX or Total Resistance Exercise was developed by a navy seal as a way of staying in shape using his own body weight when he did not have access to gym equipment. Today, many athletes use the TRX Trainer and the RIP Trainer as a way of challenging multiple muscle groups by introducing instability. Golfers alike, need strength and stability to develop a good golf swing. Moreover, maintaining stability in the lower body with a strong core signals proper spinal alignment helping to reduce excess local back pressure and thus preventing injury in the long term.

This new series, built on seven movements including lunge, squat, push, pull, hinge, plank and rotate will help to develop the power, efficiency and strength needed to hit the ball further and more consistently, ultimately improving golf performance. Participants will engage in a series of tried and true exercises tested by our staff, to help engage all muscles necessary for a proper golf swing. Exercising using one’s own body weight can produce the same, if not better, results as most fitness machines which can be especially useful for golfers. This one-of-a-kind class will teach golfers at all levels how to master the foundation of movement critical to stability and consistency and ultimately to hit the ball with improved accuracy, speed and a lower handicap!

RIP & TRX Trainer - Golf Conditioning

WHEN: Saturdays, January 5 – February 9

TIME: 10:00AM – 10:50AM


COST: $120/Members, $180/Non Members

Open to Adult Members and the Community. All levels welcome.

For more information, Contact:
Alice Stein, Director of Personal Training, Summit YMCA
(P) (908) 273-3330, ext. 1152
(E) alice.stein@thesay.org

RIP & TRX Trainer - Golf Conditioning is only one of our many small group training classes offered at the Summit YMCA. Small group training is a fun, effective and affordable way to reach your fitness goals. Our nationally recognized certified trainers lead these groups focusing on individual strengths, goals and fitness levels of the participants. While closed group sessions generally last six weeks, we also offer small group drop-in training classes in our new Training Zone! Class descriptions can be found at Small Group Training


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