Try a Beginner Level Fitness Class at the Summit Area YMCA

At the Summit Area YMCA, we are committed to wellness and healthy living which includes daily exercise.

Joining a group exercise class can be a great way to begin an exercise routine and stay motivated. If you're a newbie to exercising or simply lacking the self-confidence to be part of a group class, then we suggest you start off slow. Try one of the following:

Beginning Group Exercise

Minimal Pressure. Minimal Stress. MaximUm BENEFIT!

This 45-minute class will introduce you to group exercise classes using a variety of formats and equipment including: Free weights, bands, balls, body weights, and pound sticks. This is a great place to start out with a “no pressure” atmosphere to focus on form, learn basic moves and ask questions. 

WHEN: Thursdays
TIME: 6:15PM – 7:00 PM (45 minutes)
WHERE: Berkeley Heights YMCA - MindBody Room 

No registration required but come early to ensure your spot in the class. 




G8 Start (Great Start) is a beginner level, 30 minute class designed to provide a base foundation and introduction to general strength conditioning in a fun, small group exercise setting. The class will utilize free weights and resistance bands, and will also incorporate body weight exercises.

WHEN: Fridays
TIME: 8:30AM-9:00AM
WHERE: Summit YMCA - Barre Studio

Save your spot by pre-registering here.





While many of YMCA group exercise classes are for all levels, there are some that are specifically designed for beginners.  Choose from the many classes available at both our Summit and Berkeley Heights branches geared towards the absolute beginner. 

Balance Coordination & Strength –  Berkeley Heights YMCA Location - Includes exercises for posture, strength, balance, flexibility and coordination to encourage and enhance senior fitness and conditioning. Registration required.

Beginner Group FitnessBerkeley Heights YMCA Location - Low impact instructional class that will introduce members to group class exercises in a no stress atmosphere. Open to all levels.

Enhance FitnessBoth Locations - A senior program designed to enhance balance and flexibility through dynamic cardiovascular exercise, strength training, and more to help adults lead stronger, healthier lives.

Gentle YogaBoth Locations - Kripalu style class is a gentle class that has participants focus on various asanas, stretches and ends with a deep relaxation.

Joyful FitnessBoth Locations - Which includes low impact aerobic dancing, stretching, and relaxation.

Reiki and Restorative YogaBoth Locations - In this class you will have the opportunity to totally relax and de-stress with Reiki healing (ancient Japanese healing technique) and restorative yoga. Restorative yoga is a gentle form of yoga that uses props (blankets, bolsters and vblocks.)

Yoga - Beginner Summit YMCA Location - An introduction to yoga combining asanas or poses for strength, flexibility and balance. Class opens with meditation and breath practices followed by a Vinyasa Flow paced to allow time for proper alignment and instruction and ends with relaxation.

Integrated StrengthSummit YMCA Location - Includes abs, glutes, chest & back.

Stretch & Stability - Summit YMCA Location - This class teaches stretch and stability and includes 45 minutes of stretching and balance work using ropes, blocks, and the magic circle.

Arthritis Exercise Class - Summit YMCA Location - This class is for participants who struggle with Arthritis and want to keep moving/gain strength.

Yoga BasicsSummit YMCA Location - This Iyengar style class is a great introduction to Yoga. Class focuses on posture and alignment.

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