Dissolving Borders | Reflections on Peru

It’s been about a month since I returned from Peru. People have asked me so many questions – how was the food, what was your favorite thing, what did you learn, did you get to Machu Picchu?

I have run out of adjectives to explain to people how the trip went. Fantastic, Informative, eye opening… It is always fascinating to me to see how other cultures live life, observe how they interact with each other and see how they view the rest of the world.

What will I remember most from this trip? Most definitely the people. Everyone was so warm and hospitable. A kiss hello, a kiss to say good morning, a kiss to say I haven’t seen you in 5 hours! They could not have made us feel any more welcome than they did.

I have spent the last month looking for Peruvian restaurants that can compare to those in Peru. I may never find one, but it has been fun trying! As for the Y, I look forward to collaborating with the Peru YMCA. They have so many great programs and classes that we can learn from. Some classes are similar (most memorable were the killer Burpees which are just as painful in Peru as in NJ) and other classes (fabulous dance classes) are definitively Peruvian!
Their teens want to come and visit us in Summit and the Peru YMCA would like to see some of our teens visit there! There are also opportunities that we are looking at to help with the YMCA of Peru's early childcare programs and we're excited to figure out how to help!

At The Learning Circle YMCA, we've put up a bulletin board to share with our students and parents about our Peru Y family!

We have some exciting collaborations coming up between the two Ys and I look forward to sharing them in the near future!

And to answer everyone’s question – No, we didn’t get to Machu Picchu. But there is always a next time…


Pam Halpin

Pam Halpin


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