Summit Area YMCA Togetherhood Charity Drive Collects Over 15 Bags of Provisions for St. Hubert's

In June, the Summit Area YMCA Togetherhood™ Committee ran a collection drive for the community to donate foods, treats, blankets, and towels for St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center. In the Summit Area YMCA's mission to provide opportunities, programs and services to help strengthen community and strive "For a better us", the Togetherhood™ Committee saw that a better us included our animal friends. The St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center is dedicated to the humane treatment of companion animals and is also known as one of the largest professional dog training and behavior centers in the country.

To say the least, the charity drive for St. Hubert's was a wonderful success! Maria Card chaired the project with the help of Sarah Sangree, Volunteer Program Manager at St. Hubert’s, Lisa Meyers and Patty Facchinei of the Summit YMCA. This drive continued the 3rd year mission of Togetherhood™: identifying community needs, leading projects, and allowing YMCA members to support their neighbors.

More than 15 bags of assorted provisions were delivered to the welcome arms of St. Hubert’s staff. They are dedicated to the humane treatment of animals while fostering their adoption. St. Hubert’s had just responded to a feline emergency during the heat wave rescuing 172 cats from a dire situation. Responsible farm/barn homes are now sought for those cats unable able to transition to living as indoor house pets. Please try to assist them in locating suitable homes.

The Summit Area YMCA is committed to supporting the communities we serve through the Togetherhood™ Program. The Y has established a Social Responsibility Service Committee to identify community needs and lead projects that help our members give back and support their neighbors. This volunteer initiative is focused on supporting our communities through:

• Senior Outreach - Connect with seniors who often feel lonely and isolated
• Cultural Engagement - Respect, honor and celebrate diversity that is the fabric of our communities
• Special Projects - Support events that make our community vibrant and exciting

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The Summit Area YMCA is one of area’s leading 501c3 organizations. Through the generosity of our members, donors, and partners, we are able to offer financial assistance for our programs and services to those with demonstrated need. To strengthen your community and provide others with the opportunity to learn, grow, and thrive, make your tax-deductible donation today at